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The Cultch 14/15 Season Overview

Culture Lab, Historic Theatre, York Theatre

Individual tickets for our 2014/2015 season go on sale August 5th!

To purchase tickets to multiple shows and save up to 25%, purchase a subscription package now!

Sept 23 – Oct 12, 2014
The Daisy Theatre
Ronnie Burkett (Toronto)
Historic Theatre

The Daisy TheatreBack by popular demand! Returning after a completely sold out 2013 run, don’t miss your chance to see the production The Georgia Straight called “one of the best shows you’ll ever see.” This season’s edition of The Daisy Theatre will feature new variety acts and characters in addition to existing favourites! Each performance will be different, daring, ridiculous, and on the edge in the hands of renowned puppeteer provocateur Ronnie Burkett and the resident company of over thirty marionettes. But no two performances will be the same, making this a performance to see more than once! Ask the box office about our “see it twice price.” For ages 19+.


Sept 30 – Oct 11, 2014
Butt Kapinski
Kapinski Enterprises (Los Angeles)
Vancity Culture Lab

Winner of The Cultchivating the Fringe Award 2013

It’s called eating out of her hand and we were in there gobbling it up.”
– The Vancouver Courier

Butt KapinskiThink it’s a solo show? Think again. Private eye Butt Kapinski invites you to co-star in a film noir fantasy. This filthy, funny, fully-interactive ride is riddled with sex, sin, shadows and subterfuge. Let’s kick reality to the curb and play in a make-believe world of dark dreams and bad similes. For ages 16+.






Oct 21 – 26, 2014
Music Creates Opportunity
Bboyizm (Ottawa/Gatineau)
Historic Theatre

Music Creates OpportunityThe hugely popular IZM exploded onto The Cultch stage in 2012, and now choreographer Crazy Smooth returns with a new hybrid of rocking and b-boying! Brilliantly transitioning hip-hop and break dancing from the street to the stage, Bboyizm will thrill audiences with their virtuosic moves and high-flying energy.




Oct 28 – Nov 2, 2014
The Four Horsemen Project
Volcano Theatre (Toronto)
Historic Theatre

The Four Horsemen ProjectSwirling animation and sonic hi-jinx make the poetry of Canada’s 1970s avant-garde scene leap off the page and onto the stage. Based on the work of Toronto’s original Four Horsemen, their outrageously fun, sonic poetry is brought to life by a stellar cast of performers. A multi-disciplinary extravaganza, this remarkable collaboration breathes life into the iconoclastic, brilliant, and delightfully irreverent work that set the whole world on its ear.


Nov 12 – 22, 2014
Broken Sex Doll
The Virtual Stage (Vancouver)
York Theatre

Broken Sex DollThe smash hit of 2013 returns! Now bigger and better, this hilarious sci-fi musical will fill the York with singing, sex, and robots. It’s 2136 and the rapid pace of technological advancement has only been matched by a dramatic decline of morality. Broken Sex Doll takes you on a wild and debaucherous exploration of advanced technology, moral degradation…and love. Don’t miss the show The Province called “the Next Big Thing in Canadian theatre.” For ages 19+ except for matinees.





Nov 18 – 23, 2014
Wonderheads (Portland)
Historic Theatre

LoonA man. The moon. A most peculiar love story. The team behind Grim & Fischer return with a love story that whisks a man to the moon and back! In their signature full-face mask style which has been described as “pure magic” by the CBC, the Wonderheads step into the life of a terribly lonely man to ask the question: can a man truly love the moon?






Dec 3 – 28, 2014
Cinderella: An East Van Panto
Presented with Theatre Replacement (Vancouver)
York Theatre

CinderellaTheatre Replacement’s An East Van Panto is back!

The top team of Amiel Gladstone, Veda Hille, and Charles Demers return to the York with a way beyond Disney retelling of sweet little Cinderella. Have you ever read the original version? It’s messed up! Bring the family back to the York for some upside-down holiday cheer and watch as we dress up some of Vancouver’s favourite performers in fairy tale finery and set them loose on this fantastic East Vancouver tradition.




Dec 9 – 21, 2014
Dylan Thomas: Return Journey
Richard Jordan Productions (UK)
Historic Theatre

Dylan Thomas: Return Journey Over 80,000 people around the world have enjoyed this critically acclaimed production. Critics worldwide have heralded the production as a “lyrical tour-de-force,” commending Bob Kingdom’s electrifying performance as Dylan Thomas en route to the White Horse Tavern in Anthony Hopkins’ celebrated directorial debut. Don’t miss your chance to see the farewell tour of this legendary hit production, specially reconceived as one of the flagship performances for the centenary celebrations of Dylan Thomas.




Dec 29, 2014 – Jan 17, 2015
All That Fall
By Samuel Beckett
Blackbird Theatre (Vancouver)
Historic Theatre

All That FallFor more than 50 years no one has been allowed to stage this thoroughly entertaining Irish comedy.

At last the ban has been lifted and audiences in London and New York have been treated to the double delight of seeing a radio play produced on the stage. Blackbird Theatre, whose Waiting for Godot was a held over hit at The Cultch, and whose Uncle Vanya played to packed houses last year, has been granted the rights to present this first ever Canadian production of All That Fall.


Jan 27 – 31, 2015
The Fish Eyes Trilogy
Nightswimming (Toronto)
Historic Theatre

The Fish Eyes Trilogy Presented with PuSh International Performing Arts Festival

This audacious trio of dance-plays (Fish Eyes, Boys with Cars, Let Me Borrow That Top) by celebrated television and film actress Anita Majumdar tells the coming-of-age stories of three teenage girls in small town Canada: Meena, Naz, and Candace. Inspired by so-called honour killings, hip-hop, and teenage heartache, Anita’s tour-de-force performances celebrate the joy and awkwardness of youth while slyly tackling issues of colonialism and cultural identity.

Please note: The Trilogy will be performed as Part 1 (Fish Eyes) and Part 2/3 (Boys with Cars and Let Me Borrow That Top) on alternating nights. See both shows on Jan 31 and add on dinner for just $20! Ask the box office for details.


Feb 3 – 21, 2015
Motherload Collective (Vancouver)
Historic Theatre

MotherloadAn intimate account of parenting in the modern age, five prominent Canadian theatre artists and mothers bare their personal stories about what it takes to be a member of the world’s biggest club. Drawing on candid playground conversations and parent-friendly coffee shop confessions, the moms take on isolation, “competitive mommying,” and poop. Sharing their stories of the beautiful and sometimes brutal metamorphosis into parenthood, Motherload hopes to lighten the collective load! Parents: enjoy Babes in Arms matinees on Feb 8 and 14 (bring your children 2 and under).


Feb 5 – 7, 2015
The Road Forward
Red Diva Projects (Vancouver)
York Theatre

The Road ForwardPresented with PuSh International Performing Arts Festival and Touchstone Theatre

Created and directed by award-winning performer, playwright, and director Marie Clements, The Road Forward is a multi-media musical inspired by the groundbreaking movement of the Native Brother and Sisterhood of British Columbia. Dedicated to the countless First Nations women who have disappeared on B.C.’s Highway of Tears, this blues/rock musical integrates traditional and contemporary art forms, historical media archives, and interactive live performance.


Feb 24 – Mar 8, 2015
Chicago Shakespeare Theater and Richard Jordan Productions Ltd in association with the Market Theatre of Johannesburg
Historic Theatre

CadreFollowing last year’s hit Mies Julie, we present another mesmerizing work from South Africa. Countries go through times of turmoil when in transition from one state of governing to a new order. They consist of many giant and individual struggles. But what happens when the future you meet is not the one that you were expecting? Cadre is one such South African story of dreams and change.





Mar 17 – 21, 2015
Kaha:wi Dance Theatre (Toronto)
Historic Theatre

TransMigrationA visually raw and engaging story inspired by the life and paintings of iconic Ojibwe shaman-artist Norval Morrisseau. TransMigration is a dialogue, a response to Morrisseau’s vision, struggles, and brilliance as an artist. Celebrating Morrisseau’s visual language through dance, music, and design, TransMigration is a reflection of humanity and the power of spirit to transform and transcend.



Mar 24 – Apr 4 , 2015
Buddies in Bad Times Theatre (Toronto)
Historic Theatre

ObaaberimaImprisoned in Canada for committing a violent crime, a young man from Ghana tells his cellmates a story on the eve of his release. Although there is great risk in sharing his tale, he must tell it to be truly free. Through storytelling, dance, and live music, Obaaberima chronicles a young African-Canadian’s journey across continents, genders, races, and sexualities.




Mar 31 – Apr 19, 2015
Famous Puppet Death Scenes
The Old Trout Puppet Workshop (Calgary)
York Theatre

Famous Puppet Death ScenesThe beloved Old Trouts return with a fan favourite! Through the magic of puppetry, the Old Trouts promise to cure your fear of death. No more dreading birthdays. No more desperate pleas for immortality through fame, art, or progeny. Through a collection of famous scenes culled from the absolute best puppet shows in history, the Old Trouts will deconstruct your traumatized psyche and reconstruct you so that death means nothing to you anymore. In a way, they promise ever-lasting life! Through a puppet show. That’s right. Famous Puppet Death Scenes has toured the world, changing lives. Don’t miss it!




Apr 7 – 18, 2015
The Duchess a.k.a. Wallis Simpson
Ruby Slippers Theatre (Vancouver)
Historic Theatre

The DuchessDon’t miss this scandalous play from Linda Griffiths: the fabulous, epic, and true tale of Wallis Simpson, the notorious, convention-smashing American divorcee for whom Edward VIII gave up the throne. Featuring Diane Brown and nine of Vancouver’s finest actors playing 36 roles, take a trip with Simpson through her tumultuous adult life stopping for visits with historical figures such as Noel Coward, King George V, Hitler, and Queen Mary.





Apr 21 – May 2, 2015
Stationary: a recession-era musical
Delinquent Theatre (Vancouver)
Historic Theatre

StationaryAn indie-rock musical about the moment when big dreams meet reality checks. Six young employees of a floundering advertising company struggle under the fluorescent lights of real life, where obligations and social niceties loom large. But in the world of day-dreams, all things are possible. Featuring a cast of talented actor-musicians and a score ranging from rap to anthemic indie rock, Stationary tackles post-recession existence with ukulele in hand. Sometimes life is disappointing; singing about it takes the edge off.


May 12 – 16, 2015
The Sensationalists
605 Collective (Vancouver)
Historic Theatre

The Sensationalists605 Collective and Theatre Replacement team up to bring you a new experimental dance creation. In this cross-disciplinary collaboration, the artists explore concepts surrounding various sensory phenomena, transforming The Cultch to play with proximity and interactivity in an immersive performance space, at times placing the audience inside of the action. Merging 605 Collective’s high-powered physicality and Theatre Replacement’s unique theatre-making methodologies, this mash-up is sure to result in a compelling, immediate, and unexpected performance.


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