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The Rap Guide to Evolution

Baba Brinkman (Vancouver, New York)

Oct 29 – Nov 10, 2013

Running Time: 90 minutes, no intermission

Added Value Post-show talkbacks: Oct 30, Nov 5

Historic Theatre

1314_presentation_horiz_4-3_rapCombining the wit, poetry, and charisma of a great rapper with the accuracy and rigor of a scientist, Baba Brinkman takes us on a hip-hop tour of modern biology. A smash hit at the Edinburgh Fringe, in New York, and around the world, The Rap Guide is at once provocative, hilarious, intelligent, and scientifically accurate. You’ll never look at hip-hop the same way again!



A total Dar-winner! As fun as it is informative…you’ll probably sing along!” —New York Post

Astonishing…fizzing energy and spell-binding charisma!” —The New York Times

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