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Residencies at The Cultch

Grow-A-Show: Artist Residencies at The Cultch

One way that The Cultch fulfills our mission of cultivating a wide and diverse community of artists is through the Grow-A-Show program. The Cultch invites artists from the local community into our world-class space for a concentrated amount of time, tailored to the needs of the artists and their projects. They are given access to a free rehearsal space as well as technical and administrative assistance. This collaboration between artist and organization presents a great opportunity to create lasting works without distraction and fills a significant void in artistic development in British Columbia.

To help nurture the next generation of artists in Canada, The Cultch funds residencies with our Grow-A-Show program where the community can fund specific resources for residencies. A residency can help artists explore new ideas and themes, providing them with time to develop a deeper understanding of their subject matter and build new mentorship opportunities. If you are interested in supporting the residencies, you can find more information about our Grow-A-Show program here.


“We are beyond thrilled to be embraced by The Cultch, one of the greatest performing arts voices in our community. The opportunity to have a space we can call home while we master this crazy beast of a show is gigantic to us! We hope we can find a way to truly express our gratitude. There’s a strong chance there will be puppets involved.” – Tara Travis and Monster Theatre are reimagining their solo murder mystery puppet show Who Killed Gertrude Crump during their residency at The Cultch.


“During our residency at The Cultch we will be working with Sean Harris Oliver (the playwright) to develop the text of the play through readings and physical exploration with the actors. We will also be working with the designers to further develop designs presented during the workshop production of the piece last year in the Fringe (Sound and Costumes) as well as to possibly look at and develop new design elements such as lighting and projection. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to workshop elements of our production at The Cultch this summer.” – Evan Frayne from Bleeding Heart Theatre Society


“For Empire of the Son, Tetsuro and I worked our experiments in my basement which was the size of a closet…so being able to spread our wings and play in a space ten times the size we are used to, is amazing. We thank The Cultch for this generous opportunity to create another knock your socks off show.” – Donna Yamamoto from Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre


“It is such a valuable opportunity to work in the performance space and in a building that holds so much history, and such a spirit of creation and experimentation. The Cultch is an art heartbeat.” – Tara Cheyenne from Tara Cheyenne Performance

Dave Deveau

“I want to express my tremendous gratitude for the residency – Anton (the composer/lyricist) and I achieved things over five days on that stage that we’ve been trying to do for two years. It was really miraculous and the readthrough/sing through on Friday really proved that this is going to be a magical show for all of us.” – Dave Deveau, Playwright in Residence & Associate Producer at Zee Zee Theatre, on developing their show Elbow Room Cafe: The Musical during their residency at The Cultch

If you want more info on how to apply for a residency please contact Heather Redfern at heather [at]