Staff & Board


The Cultch Administration

Executive Director
Heather Redfern
heather [at]
604.251.1766 ext. 114

Managing Director
Cindy Reid
cindy [at]
604.251.1766 ext. 112

Director of Patron Development
Nicole McLuckie
nicole [at]
604.251.1766 ext. 104

Box Office Manager
Kathy Battye
kathy [at]
604.251.1766 ext. 201

Rentals Sales Manager
Meghan Robinson
rentals [at]
604-251-1766 x107

Marketing Associate
Ricky Choi
ricky [at]
604.251.1766 ext. 110

Communications Associate
Lisa Mennell
communications [at]
604.251.1766 ext. 102

Patron Development Associate
Georgia Beaty
604.251.1766 ext. 108

Development Associate
Natalie Schneck
604.251.1766 ext. 121

Design and Web Coordinator
Ngaire Leach
ngaire [at]
604.251.1766 ext. 103

Design and Web Coordinator
Floriane Vaillant
floriane [at]
604.251.1766 ext. 103

Business Development & Hospitality Manager
Paul Phalen
hospitality [at]
604.251.1766 ext. 115

Hospitality & Business Development Consultant
Maureen Flemming
604.251.1766 ext. 111

Sales Associate
Leslie Dos Remedios
604.251.1766 ext. 106

Sales Associate
Velma Sandry
604.251.1766 ext. 122

Database & IT Manager
Meaghan Fraser
itsystems [at]
604.251.1766 ext. 105

Head Front of House Manager & Volunteer Coordinator
Elysse Cheadle
head_foh [at]

Community Development Coordinator
Abdel Naroth
outreach [at]
604.251.1766 ext. 120

Youth Program Manager
Ariel Martz-Oberlander
ypm [at]

Gallery Coordinator
Yuri Arajs
gallery [at]

Technical Director
Kris Boyd
td [at]

Production Manager
Andrew McCaw
pm [at]
604.251.1766 x 126

ATD (Rentals)
Taylor Janzen
atdrentals [at]

Lukas McCormick

Head Stage Carpenter
Derek Meehan

Head Audio
Kyra Soko

Venue Technician
Dinuka Perera

Len Gardiner


Board Members

Frank Costanzo, Chair
Roger Holland, Vice Chair
Jamie Johnston, Treasurer
Lynda Stokes, Secretary
Claire Booth, Director
Hatim Hanafi, Director
Louise Schwarz, Director
Lydia Lovison, Director
Richard Mew, Director
Ryan O’Connor, Director
Sangeeta Wylie, Director
Sheldon Chandler, Director
Shwetha Thomas, Director
Stephanie Hollingshead, Director