The Cultch Administration

Executive Director
Heather Redfern
heather [at]
604.251.1766 ext. 114

Managing Director
Cindy Reid
cindy [at]
604.251.1766 ext. 112

Director of Patron Development
Nicole McLuckie
nicole [at]
604.251.1766 ext. 104

Youth Program Manager
Kim Harvey
kim [at]
604.251.1766 ext. 115

Box Office Manager
Kathy Battye
kathy [at]
604.251.1766 ext. 201

Rentals Sales Manager
Meghan Robinson
rentals [at]
604-251-1766 x107

Rentals Assistant
Isla Robertson
rentalenquiries [at]
604-251-1766 x106

Marketing Associate
Ricky Choi
ricky [at]
604.251.1766 ext. 110

Communications Associate
Lisa Mennell
communications [at]
604.251.1766 ext. 102

Patron Development Associate
Georgia Beaty
604.251.1766 ext. 108

Development Associate
Natalie Schneck
604.251.1766 ext. 121

Design and Web Coordinator
Lisa Wu
lisa [at]
604.251.1766 ext. 103

Design and Web Coordinator
Zuzanna Juszkiewicz
zuzia [at]
604.251.1766 ext. 103

Hospitality & Business Development Consultant
Maureen Fleming
maureen [at]
604.251.1766 ext. 111

Database & IT Manager
Meaghan Fraser
itsystems [at]
604.251.1766 ext. 105

Head Front of House Manager & Volunteer Coordinator
Elysse Cheadle
head_foh [at]

Hospitality Coordinator
Annah Kassen
hospitality [at]

Gallery Coordinator
Yuri Arajs
gallery [at]

Technical Director
Kris Boyd
td [at]

Production Manager
Borja Brown
pm [at]
604.251.1766 x 116

Artistic Production Associate
Taylor Janzen
productionassociate [at]

ATD / Head Electrician
Lukas McCormick

Head Carpenter
Derek Meehan

Head Audio
Kyra Soko

Production Electrician
Graham Ockley

Len Gardiner