24 HOUR CONTEST: Motherload Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED! Congratulations to winner Barb W!

Last week Motherload opened and received fantastic praise from audiences and critics. With Valentine’s Day this weekend, we wanted to spread the love by giving away two tickets to see the show on February 14!

All you need to do is leave a comment below with a story about your experience as a parent, or about your own parents! The good, the bad, or the messy; just like the show, no story is off limits!

This excerpt from co-creator Emelia Symington Fedy’s blog might help give you some ideas:

“My husband and I don’t spoon. We hit the sack and don’t move till morning (except for the ups and downs with the kids).”

We will pick our favourite on Friday, Febuary 13 at 11 am and the winner will receive two tickets to the performance of Motherload the following evening on Saturday, Febuary 14!

We look forward to reading your great stories!

Motherload runs until February 21 at the Historic Theatre. Tickets start from $19 and are available on our website or by calling the box office at 604-251-1363.

What People are Saying

  • When I was 10 years old my mother reprimanded me (hard) for stealing an apple. I never stole anything since.

  • When I was 6 years old I was pulled a glass mug off a counter and accidently dragged off a china teacup that my mother loved. I got in a lot of trouble.

    At the time, I thought she was overreacting with how angry she got. It was just an accident. But thinking back now, there was probably a lot more that she was dealing with, and that incedent was the straw that broke the camels back.

    I wish I knew back then how much she had to deal with, having a job and two young children, so I could have understood her emotions a lot more.

  • An excerpt from a post on my blog 🙂
    “The boys slept until past 7:30 this morning!!! WE WOKE UP BEFORE THEY DID!! Our eyes just fluttered open gently, to the sounds of silence (a few birds tweeting), when our minds and bodies were ready to awake. As J and I laid in bed enjoying a feeling we haven’t felt in almost a year, we only had a light, fleeting fear that the boys had been stolen in the night, hopefully by the Goblin King. I will take this one day and be happy with it, but man oh man if it happens again it would be a miracle. That said, our bed routine tonight will be EXACTLY the same as last night…down to the clothing and stories and…OH FACK! I’M WASHING THEIR SLEEP SACKS!!! WHAT AM I THINKING????!? WHAT IF IT WAS THE MILD AROMA OF PEE AND DROOL AND THE CRUNCHY TEXTURE OF A WEEKS WORTH OF DRIED FOOD BITS THAT DID IT???? Ok, slow down, that probably wasn’t it (but it might have been)……”

  • I have given up on romantic love. Of the idea of getting married, buying a house and a car together. Romantic nights at Harrison Hot Springs. I have given up less out of bitterness. More because I don’t need that shit. I have met the perfect man. He cares for me when I am sick, laughs at my jokes and most importantly tells me when I have spinach in my teeth. On the downside he has no job and calls me mommy…

    For me Valentines day is about celebrating the loved ones in your life. As a single income family we don’t dine out often. But for this special occasion we do. He deserves it. I will wear my best black dress. He will likely wear his best superman t-shirt.

    Last date night the waiter was in his teens, awkwardly attempting to fill his dress shirt, arrived. Luke smiled at him and complimented him on his moustache. Which was a surprise to me as it was pencil thin and pre-pubescent. But the waiter smiled with pride and asked, “What can I get for you and the lady?”

    Luke explains that we will share a plate of pasta. He wants ginger ale with ice, but it is too expensive. Water will do. And for me “The Lady” he insists I have a glass of wine, because they have the one I like. Luke does something I can’t explain. He has a level of charm that is beyond me. Despite the fact that we live a good life. He has a room and a bed and a home where we are safe and we are loved. He has a look like he is auditioning for the role of Oliver Twist. With this tilt of the head and widening of the eyes we would surely win the part.

    This puts the waiter’s in a trance. When the waiter returns he has two plates of pasta, a generous glass of Riesling and a ginger ale, with ice and a slice of lime.

    Dinner conversation is different. In an attempt to have a sophisticated conversation I asked him, “If you could wake up tomorrow and be able to play any musical instrument perfectly what would it be?” He looks at me like I am a fool and says, “Duh, The Arm Pit.” Then re-answers with “Plastic Chair.” I have no idea what this would sound like, but it gets him in the mood. He starts hip hop dancing in his chair…which is awkward because the band at this fine dining establishment is playing smooth jazz. It is perhaps more awkward because the seats are very close together.

    Fifteen inches to the right there is an older man on a date with a lovely lady and I can tell from his smile he is really hoping the investment in the viagra will pay off. I can tell by her smile that oh yes it will. On the left is a lovely young lady, at the prime age for child bearing and she looks panicked. She has that look, like her biological clock is ticking. Like tonight is the night and she is trying to get her man just drunk enough to consent. I saw her eyes on my guy when we walked in and I know she wants him. Now that he is dancing. Hands in the air and this kid don’t care. She looks terrified. She tries to draw her man’s attention towards her. Away from my date who is dancing like a freak in his seat.

    I apologize with a smile, “He had too much to drink, which is odd because I think he is underage.” This puts the lady at ease. She lowers her standards just a bit and seems to develop a sense of humour about it. Perhaps she is ready to be a mother after all.

  • Why do people insist on asking “you only have one?” He’s a male Hosie…you only need one.