The Cultch’s Not-To-Miss List: Our picks for the 2014/2015 Season (Part 2)

Last week we brought you the season highlights of three Cultch staff members: Caitrin Innis (Development Coordinator), Zoe Forsyth (Cultch Concierge), and Lisa Wu (Design and Web Coordinator). This week we continue the series by asking Ricky Choi (Marketing Coordinator), Isa Szeto (Design and Web Coordinator), and Maria Kerninon (Marketing Intern) what shows they are most excited to see next season!

IsaIsa Szeto, Design and Web Coordinator

Cadre by Chicago Shakespeare Theater and Richard Jordan Productions Ltd

This sounds like a very interesting story of watching someone’s life change when one governing regime falls and another takes its place. How much control does one have in a situation like this? It’s a universal story of wanting and dreaming of a better future.

Music Creates Opportunity by Bboyizm

Street dancing on the stage? Sign me up! I hardly ever get to see this kind of stuff live, living in Vancouver. Since I don’t have “the moves” myself, the next best thing is watch others popping, locking and rocking.

Famous Puppet Death Scenes by The Old Trout Puppet Workshop

I loved the Old Trout’s Ignorance, so I’m looking forward to this show, as I expect its going to make me think about my own mortality again, plus make me laugh at the same time (death and chuckles: a fine combo).


Ricky Choi, Marketing Coordinator

Cinderella: An East Van Panto by Theatre Replacement

I got a chance to attend a reading of this production this past June and was blown away. I feel like Charles Demers did it again, creating a witty and modern adaptation of Cinderella with an East Van twist. Everything from the cultural references, casting, and music (psst they cover Sinead O’Connor) were right up my alley.

Loon by Wonderheads

What intrigues me most about LOON is that it deals with the idea of loneliness in a unique and whimsical manner – can a man really fall in love with the moon? It’s also a show that I really want to see with my parents, as english is their second language and I feel like the production’s focus on visual storytelling will make it make it accessible for all of us to enjoy.


Maria Kerninon, Marketing Intern

Broken Sex Doll by The Virtual Stage

I have read so many positive reviews about this show and it really makes me want to see it! I really like the fact that they use electronic music to portray the futuristic setting. It makes it a very modern musical. This is a new version of Broken Sex Doll so it will probably be interesting even for people who have already seen it. I also can’t wait to see the set and the costumes!

Cinderella: An East Van Panto by Theatre Replacement

I got the chance to attend a reading of Cinderella: An East Van Panto at the beginning of the summer and it made me really eager to see the show. I didn’t think it would be my kind of humour but it was really hilarious! I can’t even imagine how amazing the show will be with the songs, the costumes, and everything else! I also love the fact that it is the perfect family show for the holidays and that both kids and adults will be able to laugh together with this modern East Van adaptation of the classic tale.


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