The Cultch’s Not-to-Miss List: Our picks for the 2014/2015 Season

And so it begins! The Cultch’s 14/15 season will open on September 23 with The Daisy Theatre by the renowned puppet master, Ronnie Burkett. The season will be filled with imaginative tales, creative dances, and captivating musical performances. Theatre-goers can expect to be dazzled by international artists and up-and-coming visionaries for what promises to be our best season yet! In anticipation of what looks to be an unforgettable performance line-up, we asked some of our staff members which shows they are most looking forward to seeing. Check back soon, as we will have a part two with more suggestions from the rest of our staff next week!

caitrinCaitrin Innis, Development Coordinator

The Daisy Theatre by Ronnie Burkett

I’m excited for The Daisy Theatre! I first saw Ronnie Burkett perform when he did Penny Plain in 2011 and I loved it. His puppets are beautifully made, the shows are always funny and very moving, and I can’t wait to see what new characters are coming to The Daisy Theatre this season.

Stationary: a recession-era musical by Delinquent Theatre

Stationary is another one I’m really looking forward to. I loved hearing  Christine Quintana talk about Stationary at our 2014 – 2015 Season Launch and I love musicals…like, a lot, so an indie-rock musical sounds right up my alley!

zoeZoe Forsyth, Cultch Concierge

This was excruciating for me to write. The more I thought about this question the more confused I became, for they really all are “must-see’s” for me. It sounds horribly sales pitch but this was a much more difficult question than I had previously thought. I re-watched the season video in the hopes it might help whittle down the options but it just made me realize how truly dense with awesome this season is… I’ll try to be succinct: Cadre, The Road Forward, Loon and Obaaberima – I believe these 4 shows will be exceptional. They raise important questions; maybe you think about social injustices (current and past) and emotionally I know I’ll be feeling hard as some of the content is challenging and scary (for me). I also love different medium collaborations, multimedia, and puppets which are employed in some of these. With that in mind, The Four Horseman Project looks super exciting, sort of kooky and Andy Warhol-esque with lots of animation. And I LOVE having a good laugh and a good time so Butt Kapinski, Broken Sex Doll, Music Creates Opportunity, East Van Panto, Daisy Theatre and Famous Puppet Death Scenes. Oh man, they’re all a feast for the eyes and tons of fun. However, I think three of my unexpected favourites will actually be: Motherload, The Duchess and Transmigration –  the honesty, the technical prowess and the beauty will hook me, Basically, I’m getting prepared to be blown away constantly, challenged regularly, and having a good time all the time.

Lisa Wu, Design & Web Coordinator

 Cinderella: An East Van Panto by Theatre Replacement

I loved last year’s Jack & the Beanstalk: An East Van Panto. It was good zany, heartwarming fun with awesome music by Veda Hille. It was my first pantomine, and it was tons of fun to cheer, boo, and sing along. I have to admit, I even kind of teared up a bit when the whole theatre sang Silent Night together (an adapted East Van version, no less). I thought Allan Zinyk was so hilarious, so I’m excited to see that both Allan Zinyk and Dawn Petten will be returning to star in this year’s East Van Panto again. I also loved that so many amazing surprise guests made cameo appearances. I got to see two shows where Steve Bays (of Hot Hot Heat, Fur Trade, and Mounties fame) as well as Marsha Lederman (arts writer for The Globe and Mail) made cameos. David Suzuki, Dan Mangan, and even Nardwuar made cameo appearances too. I was pretty bummed that I missed Nardwuar’s cameo – I heard he crowd surfed into the crowd. I can’t wait to see who the surprise guests will be this year and of course, I’m looking forward to seeing how the classic Cinderella story will unfold into a clever, modern, East Van tale.

Stationary: a recession-era musical by Delinquent Theatre

Stationary just sounds plain awesome. Just from reading the blurb alone, I’m sure that I’ll love it. I feel like it’s going to be like if the movie Office Space were a musical. The show has an uber talented cast: the music director, Mishelle Cuttler, did the music direction for another show I saw, Cool Beans, which I loved. Brian Cochrane works here at The Cultch and is a talented actor, director (he won The Most Promising New Director award at this year’s Jessie Awards by the way, nothing to cough at), and apparently he raps in the show. And Christine Quintana, co-creator of the show and half of Delinquent Theatre, is doing all kinds of awesome things, including being the playwright, producer, lyricist, actor, and performer in this show. So definitely looking forward to this being a smart, fun show.

Honourable mentions: The Daisy Theatre, Loon, Famous Puppet Death Scenes, and Music Creates Opportunity.

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