FEB 5–7, 2021

do you want what i have got?
a craigslist cantata

Photo of Chirag Naik by Emily Cooper

“One of the most impressive online shows I’ve seen from anyone anywhere in the world since the lockdown.”


Your personal ads, set to music, streamed to your living room.

The revolutionary show that brought us all joy and inspiration in tough times last Fall is back! Welcome back the cast of wild and wacky characters from the Craigslist community as they attempt to buy and sell online, all the while longing and searching for human connection.

Revisit one of the most popular and critically acclaimed shows to come out of Vancouver in the last decade! This time with a fresh, new perspective on social isolation and live-streamed from all around The Cultch—resulting in a witty and poignant exploration of physical distancing, then and now. Featuring the original songs ‘300 Stuffed Penguins,’ ‘Chili Eating Buddy,’ ‘Decapitated Dolls,’ and more.

Returning to bring the show back to life (performing again from their individual pods) are the incredibly talented local cast: Meaghan Chenosky, Josh Epstein, Chirag Naik, Amanda Sum, and Andrew Wheeler.

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FEB 5: 4:30PM & 7:30PM
FEB 6: 4:30PM & 7:30PM
FEB 7: 12PM

*all showtimes in PST

Written by Bill Richardson, Veda Hille & Amiel Gladstone

Directed by Amiel Gladstone

Musical Direction by Veda Hille

Choreography by Amanda Testini

Featuring: Meaghan Chenosky, Josh Epstein, Chirag Naik, Amanda Sum, Andrew Wheeler, Veda Hille on piano, keyboards and, Barry Mirochnick on drums

Stage Managed by Kelly Barker

Design Consultant John Webber

This show will be live-streamed from The Cultch, FEB 5–7, 2021

There will be a virtual post-show talkback on Zoom after every performance. Ticket holders will be sent a link to join.

Viewing with Captions will be available for select performance. Check back for updates.


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