Presented by: Passion and Performance

An Adaptation of The Wizard of Oz

AUGUST 8, 2024 | 7pm



August 8, 2024: 7:00pm

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19+ with mature content

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1895 Venables St.

Header Image by Essery Waller


Experience the “Wizard of Oz” like never before in this daring dance adaptation by Passion and Performance. Join us for a riotous journey through a modern twist on a beloved classic. Co-directed by Alexis Whatley and Kyra Taylor, this production promises to captivate with P&P’s signature style, blending multiple styles of dance with the timeless tale of Dorothy and her fabulous companions.

Picture it: the Tin Man, a stud with moves that could melt your heart; the Lion, strutting their stuff on Davie Street with a mane that won’t quit; and the Scarecrow, a laid-back stoner who’s always one step ahead of munchkin curfew. Dorothy? Oh, she’s a shy yet wild child at heart from Squamish, ready to take on the Emerald City. And watch out for the Wicked Witch of West Van – she’s got style for days and a laugh that could curdle almond milk. But that’s not all – Glinda the Good Witch floats in with glamor and grace, spreading glitter and wisdom wherever she goes. A vision in sequins and pleasers, she’s the guiding light through this Oz adventure. And of course, the enigmatic Wizard of Oz himself, mysterious and larger-than-life, pulling strings from behind the curtain of this fantastical dance extravaganza. A master of illusion and charm, he weaves his magic into every step of Dorothy’s journey, promising dreams fulfilled and hearts enlightened. Does that van traveler look familiar? Could that flashy conman, Oz, truly hold the key to Dorothy’s dreams? Let’s not forget Aunty Em and Aunty M, the dynamic duo with sass as sharp as their matching track suits and love that spans over the rainbow. They live in Dorothy’s hometown heart as she takes on this dreamy journey. 

Prepare for dazzling choreography, and a narrative that’s been spun like Dorothy’s tornado ride on a roller coaster! Don’t miss your chance to giggle, cheer like you’re in Oz’s loudest karaoke bar, and fall head over ruby slippers for the Wizard of Oz all over again – a spectacle that’ll have you begging for more glitter and remember – there’s no place like the dance floor!