March 19–28, 2024 | HISTORIC THEATRE


Presented by I Spy Peaches Productions

March 19–28, 2024 | HISTORIC THEATRE

At Hotello, you must come as a couple. In the middle of the night, your future love appears. Management is not responsible for any chaos that ensues.

Our players have come to the hotel seeking answers in their relationships. When their next loves appear (or not), they have a small window of opportunity to glean the truth; that is, if their visitors from the future are ready to cooperate.

The temporary appearance of these future partners thrusts the couples into immediacy. They can no longer ignore problems or skirt conversations; the consequences of their actions are right in front of them. In episodic fashion, hidden secrets and devastating dynamics are exposed. Meanwhile, the enigmatic owner of the hotel, John, seems to have an agenda of his own…

His belief that radical honesty is the imperative key to a successful relationship is the play’s heartbeat. It’s always there, fraying edges or making tummies sick; until it delivers its final proclamation. The longer you prevent truth, the more impactful its inevitable announcement.

Produced by I Spy Peaches
Playwright: Bianca Kenna
Director: Eric Smith
Assistant Directors: Katie Cowger & Diego Arciniega
Intimacy Coordinator and Fight Director: Julie Murphy

Diego Arciniega
William Edward
Guy Fauchon
Brian Hinson
Madeleine Humeny
Sofie Kane
Bianca Kenna
Linda Pollard
Robyn Ross
Christopher Shyer
Eric Smith

Showtimes & Dates

March 19–24, 26-28: 7:30PM
March 24: 2:30PM

Ticket Info

Reserved Seating
Adult: $33 + service charge

Show Warnings

Recommended for 15+. Content includes Suicide, Bi-erasure, Physical & Gun Violence, Terminal Illness.

Venue Location

1895 Venables St, Vancouver

Box Office Hours

Phone: 604-251-1363

Monday 12–6pm
Tuesday through Saturday 12–4pm

Open 1 hour prior to every show