MTO Zendeh Delan Ensemble—Journey of Love: Layla & Majnun


Journey of Love: Immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies and spiritual depths of the Zendeh Delan Ensemble as they embark on a mesmerizing Journey of Love, a reimagining of Nizami’s timeless saga, Layla & Majnun. Experience an enchanting voyage through the realms of Sufi music, the transcendental art of sama, and poignant poetry.

Hosted by the Canadian Friends of Sufi Arts, Culture, and Knowledge, this extraordinary event in Vancouver and Toronto promises to awaken your heart and soul. The program celebrates the enduring love of Layla and Majnun and the rich tapestry of Sufi culture, merging spirituality and artistry, leaving hearts forever transformed.

Join us for this profound Journey of Love with Zendeh Delan, where your heart will be drawn to the Beloved, and knowledge will be revealed to your soul. Take advantage of this opportunity to experience Sufism through music, dhikr, and sama on a transformative journey of love and self-discovery. Tickets are limited, so secure yours now and be part of this extraordinary event in Vancouver and Toronto.

On April 19, Special Fundraising Opening Night, join us for an exclusive opening night that doubles as a fundraising event to support the Canadian Friends of Sufi Arts, Culture, and Knowledge’s mission. The evening begins with a stand-up reception featuring light food and drinks, allowing you to mingle and savour the atmosphere before the program commences. Following the program, you’ll have a unique opportunity to participate in a Q&A panel with members of the Zendeh Delan Ensemble, enabling you to ask questions and gain deeper insights into their artistry and spiritual journey.

About MTO Zendeh Delan:

Zendeh Delan, which translates to “awakened hearts,” is a group of dedicated Sufism students who have united to share their profound experiences through music. Guided by Professor Nader Angha, the Sufi Master of MTO Shahmaghsoudi® School of Islamic Sufism®, they have created contemporary Sufi music merging traditional Sufi melodies and Persian musical modes with global influences.

The Zendeh Delan ensemble’s repertoire is as diverse as its instruments, seamlessly pairing traditional Sufi melodies with Western musical elements, transcending cultural boundaries. The poetry within Zendeh Delan’s music originates from the volumes of Sufi poetry penned by the Sufi Masters of MTO®, including Hazrat Shahmaghsoud Sadegh Angha and Hazrat Salaheddin Ali Nader Angha, providing a rich tapestry of wisdom and love.

Delve even deeper into the sacred practice of sama, meaning “musical audition” in the Sufi tradition, a transformative experience where you hear, see, and become in harmony with the Divine Lord’s calling, resulting in pure joy and spiritual awakening.

Zendeh Delan has been practicing sama under the direct guidance of Professor Nader Angha.

About Canadian Friends of Sufi Arts, Culture and Knowledge (CFSACK):

CFSACK is a not-for-profit organization and CRA-designated charity committed to increasing the public’s knowledge and appreciation of Sufi history, art, and culture. CFSACK maintains broad cultural and educational programs engaging Sufism, including offering scholarships for professional research and academic conferences. CFSACK raises awareness and provides opportunities for engagement with Sufism through its diverse educational and cultural events and programming. Through these efforts, its ambition is to make the beauty of Sufi arts, culture, and knowledge accessible to all.

Showtimes & Dates

APR 19:  Opening Night Fundraiser & Reception pre-show 6PM-7:30PM, show starts 7:30PM and post-show Q & A 9:30 – 10PM.

APR 20 (show only): 7:30PM
APR 21 (show only): 7:30PM

*Please note: Latecomers will be seated in Balcony and will be reseated during the intermission. 

Ticket Info

Reserved seating.

APR 19, 2024 at 6PM:

Opening Night Fundraiser & Reception includes reception featuring light food and drinks, performance and Q & A panel with members of the Zendeh Dean Ensemble.
Tier 1: $255 + service charges
Tier 2: $210 + service charges
Tier 3: $190 + service charges
Tier 4: $145 + service charges
Tier 5 (restricted nightlines*): $90 + service charges

APR 20 & 21, 2024 at 7:30PM

Tier 1: $110 + service charges
Tier 2: $105 + service charges
Tier 3: $95 + service charges
Tier 4: $75 + service charges
Tier 5 (restricted sightlines*): $45 + service charges

*Tier 5 seats are sold as is and may have partially or completely obstructed sightlines.

Venue Location

1895 Venables St, Vancouver

Box Office Hours

Phone: 604-251-1363

Monday 12–6pm
Tuesday through Saturday 12–4pm

Open 1 hour prior to every show