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Robin Des Voix:
The Path of the Voice

Vancity Culture Lab

A film about the life and work of Robin De Haas, world renowned breath coordination and voice expert. “Much more than a personal development film, this documentary takes us on a journey of resilience in which voice, breath and transmission are the founding axiis.”

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About Robin:
After being born with a disability and suffering the sometimes-painful consequences, the aim was to survive, to find a way through it; to go beyond the malformation so that what was impossible can become possible. It is a true testimony of resilience to which the directors invite us, Catherine Azad and Frédéric Gonseth.
Whether singers, public figures, people suffering from voice pathologies or high-level
athletes; people were transformed by Robin’s approach, which was centred around adapting to each person’s needs. It is these encounters that the filmmakers’ camera captured, over four years, to immerse themselves in all these experiences, and in the work of Robin’s generous journey.
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