MAY 06–15, 2022

Show Your Teeth

For one night only, audience members will be treated to a line up featuring multiple out of town performers, local favourites, and international headliner Mx Pucks A'Plenty.

With acts that range from classic to outrageous and performers from all kinds of backgrounds, audience members are in for a ride of a lifetime! Featuring Mx Pucks A’Plenty They are known as “The They Them Yas Queen of Burlesque”, “The Femme Daddy That Your Mother Didn’t Know To Warn You About”, and #17 on 21st Century Burlesque Magazine TOP 50 –Most influential burlesque industry figures of 2021, voted for by thousands of burlesque fans and peers worldwide. Seattle’s Own Mxtress of Thiccness, Mx. Pucks A’Plenty is a roguish radical always ready to ride the stage. Spreading their black queer magic where ever they go, Pucks is always in control. As a plus size queer femme of color and a vocal member of the kink scene, Pucks knows their politics, body, and sex are always potent and radical.

Plus! Androsia Wilde Belle Jumelles (Vancouver Island, originally Toronto) Draco Mother Girth/Rez Daddy (Okanogan) Rainbow Glitz, Roxy Reverie Scarlet Bitch (Vancouver Island) Viktoria Court All The Way Mae and host, Sasja Smolders All money raised by the event’s raffle will be donated to the Vancouver Black Therapy and Advocacy Foundation.

$40.00 Plus applicable taxes and fees. (Valid to March 31 at midnight)

$50.00 Plus applicable taxes and fees.  ( Valid April 1st to May 21st)

Seating is reserved.

MAY 21: 9PM

York Theatre
639 Commercial Dr.
Vancouver BC


Mon to Fri: 12PM-4PM
and 1 hour prior to all performances