New episodes premiering online every second Thursday at 7:30pm:

June 25
July 9 & 23
August 6 & 20
September 3

Stay tuned to The Cultch’s social media where we’ll be sharing a look at the process, behind-the-scenes details, and announcing new artists as they join the adventure.


The Cultch’s Digital Storytelling team introduces The Relay! Get ready for an immersive, interactive, and imaginative online storytelling experience unlike anything else.

This summer, The Relay is bringing together 13 unique artists to collaborate and create an unfolding story over three months. From writers and directors, to choreographers, performers, and designers⁠—this unique group is bringing their diverse range of artistic specialties together to create a sprawling multi-month, multi-platform, multi-genre digital experience. 

Every two weeks, two local creators are paired up to continue the journey and expand on the previous artists’ work. Moving the narrative forward, taking the adventure in surprising new directions, and experimenting with different online forms of storytelling, what these innovators dream up will be a surprise to us all! 

You may be wondering, what could this look like? Drawing from the languages of cinema, theatre, dance, video games, internet art, sound design and more, the possibilities are endless and each set of makers will put their own spin on how the story gets told.

Every second Thursday, be part of the community and watch each episode live to join the conversation across multiple online platforms and engage in real-time chat with the artists.