MAY 06–15, 2022

Vancouver Performing Stars

The Spongebob Musical






Dive in to the incredibly fun and family-friendly musical world of Bikini Bottom and soak up this timeless story of identity, crisis, and community. The undersea city is inhabited ever-optimistic SpongeBob SquarePants and his quirky neighbours who suddenly discover that Mt. Humongous, a nearby volcano, will erupt within the next 48 hours and completely obliterate their hometown. SpongeBob, trying to prove that he is not “just a simple sponge,” resolves to save the day when everyone has lost all hope.

Child (17 & under): $18.00 
Adult: $25.00 

Seating is Reserved

JUN 11: 2:30 & 7PM
JUN 12: 2:30PM & 6PM

York Theatre
639 Commercial Dr.
Vancouver BC


Mon to Fri: 12PM-4PM
and 1 hour prior to all performances