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12 Minute Madness

As part of rEvolver Festival 2018

Historic Theatre

May 23 @9:30pm, May 25 @7:30pm, May 26 @3:30pm & May 27 @8:30pm

(Raina Von Waldenburg, Vancouver)

Meet Linda Kunt (a drunken social worker), Little Nazi (a burlesque babe with big dong), and Smoker (who invited her?). These and many others live in my head. I know, freaky. But your psyche can explode when your own grandpa sexually abuses you. Hey, I’m Marlena. This is a true story.


Key info: 
Experimental/large cast/movement/explicit content

Content Warning:
12 Minute Madness contains representations of violence and sexual abuse, as well as strong language, nudity and non-toxic smoke. Audience discretion is advised.

*This is a rental event and is not eligible for Cultch subscriptions.

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