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A Brief History of Human Extinction

Upintheair Theatre (Vancouver)

Oct 10 -20, 2018 | Historic Theatre  [map]

Historic Theatre

Created by Jordan Hall and Mind of a Snail

2178. A creeping fungal plague has rendered the surface of the planet uninhabitable. Trapped inside a retrofitted scientific facility, the last woman, man (and otter) on earth prepare for the launch of the Ark—a ship that will carry our planet’s genetic legacy to a new home. With the fate of the human species in the balance and tensions mounting, a series of strange occurrences reveal a terrifying possibility: there’s something alive outside the facility, and it would very much like to come in. Combining puppetry and live action, this comic sci-fi thriller invites you on the last adventure anyone will ever have…


Oct 10, 8PM: Preview
Oct 11, 8PM: Opening
Oct 12 – 13, 16 – 20, 8PM
Oct 14, 2PM

Post-show Artist Talkback: Oct 14 & 16

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