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Gravity & Other Myths (Australia)

Oct 30 – Nov 4, 2018 | Vancouver Playhouse Theatre (600 Hamilton Street) [map]

Vancouver Playhouse Theatre

Tickets from just $30! / Best Prices: Oct 31!

Contains haze and loud music!
Recommended for ages 8+

From the company that brought us 2015’s hit A Simple Space, Backbone (literally) tosses around the perception of what strength is, where it comes from, and how it is measured. This international circus hit is a frenetic celebration of human interconnectedness that tests the limits of strength: physical, emotional, individual, and collective.

Backbone’s artful acrobatics will make you gasp”—Kathleen Oliver, The Georgia Straight

Backbone made me really, really happy”—Colin Thomas

New breed of circus is at the nexus of profundity and whimsy”—Mark Robins, Vancouver Presents

The show left most of us convinced that these performers were an evolved species, because what they did on stage was bloody unbelievable!”— Maira Hassan, The Vancouver Arts Review

This masterpiece of a show is a celebration of human interconnectedness and is somehow very moving without any spoken word”— Nicole Alivojvodic, iliveineastvan.com

Backbone is full of brilliant action, I was afraid to miss a single twist, toss or tumble” —Jay Minter

There’s not much more to be said except GO!” —Entertainment Vancouver

Backbone is a must-see…thought provoking, mysterious, fun, silly, beautiful, and an astounding display of talent”—Theatre Addicts

We wanted to show what it takes to do what we do in a very visceral and real way. We often find that can create a much stronger bond with our audience, if we show them that we’re not mystical creatures that can do amazing tricks, but we’re just like them. We’ve just spent a long time training to be very good at what we do, but we’re people who have the same feelings and fears” — Jascha Boyce, one of the founding members of Gravity & Other Myths, in conversations with The Georgia Straight

Circus, as you’ve never seen it before…so intensely beautiful it makes you proud to be human”—InDaily

The performers’ agility and stamina are beyond impressive. The trust they must have in each other and their absolute focus and understanding of limits is nothing short of spectacular. This is a new kind of circus”—The Barefoot Review

Simply a joy to watch”—Limelight Magazine

When these acrobats use the word strength, they’re measuring it in terms most of us can only imagine” —The Georgia Straight Fall Arts Preview, read more here

Running Time:
80 minutes, no intermission

Oct 30, 7PM: Opening
Oct 31, 7PM
Nov 01 – 03, 7PM
Nov 03 – 04, 2PM

Directed by: Darcy Grant
Ensemble: Lachlan Binns, Jascha Boyce, Joanne Curry, Lachlan Harper, Mieke Lizotte, Jackson Manson, Jacob Randell, Lewis Rankin, Martin Schreiber, & Lewie West
Musician/Composers: Shenton Gregory , Elliot Zoerner, & Christopher Neale
Stage & Lighting Designer: Geoff Cobham
Producer: Craig Harrison
Creative Associate: Triton Tunis-Mitchell
Technician: Chris Sanders



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