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Broken Tailbone

Nightswimming (Toronto)

Feb 13 – 24, 2018 | Historic Theatre [map link]

Historic Theatre

WARNING: haze, coarse language, sexual content, recommended 16+
Please note that you will be on your feet for the length of the show. Comfortable shoes and a water bottle are recommended.

Celebrated writer and performer Carmen Aguirre leads a Latin American dance lesson that flows into Carmen’s remarkable stories of intimacy, politics, culture, and the forgotten origins of the salsa. Explore the hidden dance halls in Canada while DJ Don Pedro creates an irresistible musical scene that will get even the most reluctant dancer up on their feet!

The draw: Daring, sexy, and fun – listen, move, and be moved!

“It’s visceral and sensual, and the rhythm of constant movement, of hips circling and heels digging into the earth, the pelvis as a centre of power—it’s exciting and fun to be engaged mentally and physically in this way”— Andrea Warner, The Georgia Straight
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“It’s a far cry from your usual Rec Centre salsa class. Aguirre sets herself up as an irresistible, incontrovertible Jefa (feminine for “Boss”) who reinforces her directives with a background discourse on the etiology and symbolism of every dance step” — Lincoln Kaye, Vancouver Observer
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“This interactive performance slash dance lesson took Latinx dancing to a whole new level… Not to be missed”— Maira Hassan, The Vancouver Arts Review
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“I’ve been dancing salsa since I was a kid. My parents were the ones who started the first Latinx (a non-gender-specific term instead of “Latino” or “Latina”) dance hall in 1974. So it’s part of my life, basically. During the ’70s, every month there would be a Latinx dance there to raise funds for political prisoners and disappeared people in Chile under the Pinochet dictatorship. We would play cumbia, a type of dance from Colombia, and after speeches and documentaries it would turn into an actual dancehall, even though we weren’t calling it that at the time”— Carmen Aguirre in interview with The Vancouver Sun (Postmedia)
Read the full Vancouver Sun interview here!

Feb 13, 8PM: Preview
Feb 14, 8PM: Opening Night
Feb 15 – 17, 20 – 24, 8PM
Feb 18, 24, 2PM

Carmen Aguirre – Playwright & Performer
Pedro Chamale – DJ Don Pedro
Brian Quirt – Director
Brittany Ryan – Producer
Michelle Ramsay – Lighting Designer
Maria Zarrillo – Stage Manager

Running Time:
60-70 minutes plus dance party

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