Prime Cuts Collective (Vancouver)

Mar 20 – 31, 2018 | Historic Theatre [map link]

Historic Theatre

WARNING: Depictions of extreme violence and coarse language. Employs strobe effects. Recommended for ages 14+. No latecomers.

>> Special performance: Join Butcher playwright Nicolas Billon for a talkback following the performance on Mar 24 at 8 pm! << 

Dark secrets come to light. A past that won’t stay buried. A decades-old quest for justice that must be served. 

A philosophical crime thriller by Governor General’s Award-winner Nicolas Billon.

Who is the Butcher? At a police station a mysterious old man is found wearing a foreign military uniform and a Santa hat. A butcher’s hook hangs around his neck, and gouged on the end is a business card with the words, “Arrest me,” scrawled on it. As a lawyer, a police officer, and a translator struggle to unravel the truth, they uncover a past that won’t stay buried, and a decades-old quest for justice that must be served.

In her foreward to the play, former chief prosecutor for the International Criminal Tribunals for Rwanda and Yugoslavia and former Supreme Court justice, Louise Arbour asks: “Where can victims find peace if justice is elusive? Can offenders find closure if punishment is not extended to them?”

The first time I read it, I’d never been so excited just reading a play. Your expectations are subverted at every turn. It’s really a fascinating puzzle that keeps you guessing”— Peter Anderson, in interview with Postmedia. Check out the full Q&A here

Butcher puts a new twist on the locked-room thriller” — Darren Barefoot, The Georgia Straight

Prime Cuts’ exquisite carvery in Butcher”— Lincoln Kaye, Vancouver Observer

With methodical character development…Butcher effectively serves up a story of betrayal and justice not for the faint of heart” — Jessie Foster, BEATROUTE

Butcher brilliantly captures themes relevant to recent and ancient history…while Butcher speaks to atrocities far from home it maintains a distinctly Canadian voice, alerting us to our place in these global histories” —Nicole Alivojvodic, iliveineastvan.com

Theatrical thrillers are a rare breed. Good ones are even rarer. Fortunately, Nicolas Billon’s Butcher is one of the better ones” — Mark Robins, Vancouver Presents

★★★★ Can a play about torture be too entertaining?” — The Globe and Mail

A devilishly clever piece of work” — National Post

A live entertainment game changer” — Toronto Stage

[A] funny, horrifying, serpentine stage thriller” — CBC Arts

2016 – Rideau Awards
Best Production (Ottawa)

2016 – Theatre Critics Award
Best Production (Toronto)

2015 – Calgary Critics Award
Best New Play (Calgary)

Official Website:

Written by: Nicolas Billon
Starring: Peter Anderson, Lindsey Angell, Noel Johansen, and Daryl Shuttleworth
Director: Kevin McKendrick
Set Designer: David Roberts
Costume Designer: Jenifer Darbellay
Lighting Designer: Michael Hewitt

Mar 20, 8PM: Preview
Mar 21, 8PM: Opening Night
Mar 22 – 24, 27 – 31, 8PM
Mar 25, 31, 2PM

Running Time:
85-90 Minutes, no intermission

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