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Caws & Effect

part of the rEvolver Theatre Festival

May 20-24, 2015

Historic Theatre

Historic Theatre

produced by Mind of a Snail

Runtime 50 min.

caw-&-effectWednesday May 20 @ 7:00pm

Thursday May 21 @ 7:00pm

Friday May 22 @ 7:00pm

Saturday May 23 @ 3:45pm

Sunday May 24 @ 6:00pm

Crows are re-dreaming the world. Is the future all it’s cracked up to be?

Mind of a Snail’s large scale shadow theatre production is an exploration of survival and extinction from a bird’s eye view. Funny, beautiful and unique, with handmade layered projections, puppetry, masks, and an original musical score. A modern fable, a tongue-in-cheek nature documentary, the animated dream of a sleeping bird. In 2014, Caws & Effect won Patrons Pick at the Winnipeg Fringe and Pick of the Fringe at the Vancouver Fringe Festival.

For more information visit: http://www.upintheairtheatre.com/festival-about

Ticket Prices: $20 (single tickets) / $15 (low income)

**3 Show Festival Passes available for just $40!  Get a show for free!  Save $17

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