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Dark Day Monday

Good Ideas Come to Light

Historic Theatre

Nov 06th @ 6pm

Once a month, The Cultch will open its doors to the community with a free event – provided for the community, from the community. Each month, anyone from the Vancouver community can teach others something new – whether it be a cooking class, dancing, a yoga class, a party! – providing a space to learn, create and come together!

Dark Day #3: The Unicorn Principles: How to Find Your Sacred Dream & Make It Real
In many cultures and industries, the Unicorn represents an elusive and magical creature that we aspire to see or capture even though we question its existence. Little Woo will share her process called “The Unicorn Principles” – which allows you to capture the magical idea that you’ve longed to make real. Whether it is a personal goal or a business project, learn how you can go beyond self-doubt and struggle and find extraordinary courage and imagination. This is when your highest dream stops eluding you and starts guiding you every day.

Little Woo helps brave souls heal and find meaning by developing their Higher Self. As As a teacher, speaker and artist, she inspires people to use their talents, life lessons and dreams for a higher purpose: to create and evolve through Love. Check out her podcast “The Magic of Compassion” for practical tips on how empathy can lead to higher action!


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