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Culture Lab

July 13th-15th @ 7:30pm

Comparing art with real life, we find that the art we make reflects ideas onto ourselves. Those with abnormal behaviour always stand out in society, and there are always many differing versions of the same basic stories, each having a different manner or asking the same question: How much would we fight to be understood despite our differences?

In this play, the city is ruled by the shadow queen and her puppets. They maintain the order of the city through darkness and fear. In this black and white world there are eyes everywhere, and Conformity/Deviant and Different will need to find a way to challenge the queen and free themselves from the shadows.

By following their curiosity Conformity/Deviant and Different question society: Are we still human if we do not understand other’s differences? But not just simple differences, unacceptable behaviour that goes with social violence or sexual differences. Are we human enough to understand what is happening within the psyche of other people? In every confrontation, there are the attackers, the victims and the spectators. Spectating this play, where would you draw the line between abnormal and unacceptable behaviour?


General: $25.00           Student: $15.00





*Please note: This is a rental presentation and is not eligible for Cultch subscription

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