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Distractingly Sexy

As part of rEvolver Festival 2018

Culture Lab

May 25 @9pm, May 27 @7pm, May 29 @9:15pm, June 02 @7pm, & June 03 @2pm

(Nebula Company theatre, Vancouver)

If Ms. Frizzle had dance moves, if Bill Nye had nice boobs- Join real life scientist (and writer/performer) Mily Mumford for an interactive ultra-funny, quite-satirical, certainly-wild and pretty-darn- sexy history of women in science (and how they have been f%$#ed over for centuries).

Directed by Cheyenne Mabberley of The After After Party (Pick of the Fringe Vancouver 2016).

Key info: 
Comedy/One-woman show/information based/crash course in women in science

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