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SINDHOOR/NATYAVEDA - Navarasa Dance Theater (India/USA) | Presented with Diwali in BC

Oct 17 – 22, 2017

York Theatre

The best physical theatre out of India, Encounter is a story about an Indigenous woman, Dopdi, and her communities’ struggle to uphold the Indigenous life and her defiance against injustice. Encounter, created for the stage by Aparna Sindhoor, S M Raju, and Anil Natyaveda is a tribute to the Indigenous people’s history all around the world.

The draw: Acrobatics and original music in a tribute to Indigenous peoples’ history around the world.

Moving tales from Navarasa troupe…they incorporate modern dance, Indian martial arts, aerial dance, Bollywood’s pop influences – all with an eye for originality” – The Boston Globe

An experience that stunned the audience with its complexity and beauty” – Times of India

It combines a timeless, mythic presentational style with a charged political message that’s strangely contemporary” – Los Angeles Theater Review

Most moving” – Portland Herald

I have never seen anything quite like Aparna Sindhoor’s company, Navarasa Dance Theatre, in action. There is not only a fusing of dance and theatre, here, but even within the different arts an explosive fusion of cultures” – Gaëtan L. Charlebois

In a universal tale about shortsighted despotism and evilly wielded power, only the production’s beautiful theatricality comes out the winner.” ArtsInLA

Created by Aparna Sindhoor,
Anil Natyaveda, and S M Raju

Written by: S M Raju and Aparna Sindhoor (Inspired by a short story by
Mahasweta Devi)
Choreography and Direction:
Aparna Sindhoor, Anil Natyaveda
Music: Isaac Thomas Kottukapally
Set Design: Anil Natyaveda, Chris Fitch
Stage Manager: Edward
Performance by: Aparna Sindhoor,
Anil Natyaveda, Pratheesh Sivanandan, Leah Vincent, Sunil Kumar Thankachan,
Rinu Janardhanan, Liji Krishnan, Matt Valadez and Shivani Thakkar
Costume support:
Beth Kelley and Sonia Bologa

A production of Navarasa Dance Theater: www.navarasa.org

Oct 17, 8PM: Opening Night
Oct 18 – 21, 8PM
Oct 22, 7PM

Running Time
80 minutes, no intermission

Community Partner:

Don’t miss Freedom Singer Oct 7 to 18!

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