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Fight Night

Ontroerend Goed (BE); The Border Project (AUS); Vooruit (BE); Theatre Royal Plymouth (UK) and Richard Jordan Productions (UK)

OCT 18 – 29, 2016

Historic Theatre

Looking south and feeling frustrated? Fight Night’s your chance to blow off some steam just days before the US election….

Wish you could vote? We can help! Trying to wrap your head around the mysteries of who people vote for and why…step into our ring!

Five candidates. One vote. Your choice. 

The stakes? Not quite as dangerous as the ones for our neighbours…just your attention, your love, your approval, your laughter, your compassion, your weak spot, your guilty pleasure, your heart, your support, your choice.

Fight Night literally puts the power into your hands to vote for your favourite candidate in this timely and immersive exploration into the intricacies and traps of voting systems and mediatized democracy. The outcome of the show is your decision!

Fight Night shows us elections as they truly are: a battle, a fist fight with words….a theatrical game.

What an amazing experience… a very engaging piece of theatre that provoked thought and encouraged difference in opinions and perspective… super entertaining as well as utterly fascinating” – Erin Jane, Review Vancouver

“They were manipulating the hell out of me and I LOVED it… I recommend this show” – Colin Thomas, Colinthomas.ca

“Invigorating… it is subversive and shocking. It is also very, very real” –Mark Robins, Vancouver Presents

Part TheatreSports and part Survivor… offers a lot to think about” – Jerry Wasserman, The Vancouver Sun

“It was a crazy opening night, and UNLIKE ANY PIECE OF THEATRE I HAVE EVER SEEN. This crew from Belgium have crafted an AMAZINGLY THOUGHT PROVOKING PIECE of theatre” – Tetsuro Shigematsu

“Fascinating theatrical event from Europe. LIKE NOTHING YOU HAVE EVER SEEN. Audience interaction that makes you giggle and worried at the same time” – David C Jones

“I saw Fight Night last night and it was an incredibly fun and engaging evening. And not in a 90s improv pulled up on stage to be embarrassed way” –Kim Harvey

“THE MOST ENGAGING PIECE OF THEATRE I’VE SEEN. Fun as hell study on the deep dark corners of democracy” – Joel Ballard @jphballard

“A vital exploration into why we cling to our democratic institutions despite their failures” – The Scotsman, Edinburgh

A playful and immersive night of theatre” – The Daily Review

A cross between Big Brother and an Italian election” – The Independent

This is witty, engaging political theatre – Arts Hub

Oct 18, 8PM: Opening Night
Oct 19 – 22, 25 – 29: 8PM
Oct 23 & 29: 2PM

Artist Talkback:
Oct 19 & 25: 8PM
Oct 23: 2PM

Running Time: 90 minutes

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Text: Alexander Devriendt, Angelo Tijssens, & the cast
Scenography: Sophie De Somere, Lillith Tremmery
Light Design: Lilith Tremmery
Costumes: Sophie De Somere, Angelo Tijssens
Sound Designer: David Heinrich
Graphic Design Voting System: Nick Mattan
Composers: Cameron Goodall & David Heinrich
Technique Tour: Babette Poncelet & Iben Stalpaert
Photography: Sarah Eechaut

Directed by: Alexander Devriendt

Aaron Gordon
Abdel Daoudi
Angelo Tijssens
Aurélie Lannoy
Charlotte De Bruyne
Michai Geyzen

WITH THANKS TO: State Theatre Adelaide, NTGent, Angela Schellekens – CCBe, & Unicorn Theatre

WITH THE SUPPORT OF: Flemish Community, Province of East-Flanders, City of Ghent

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