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Fireflies (Part of the Killjoy Play Series)

As part of rEvolver Festival 2019

May 25–June 1, 2019 | The Greenhouse Studio, 1885 Venables St.

Jim Green House Studio

60 minutes, followed by a 30 minute Talkback

By: Kanon Hewitt

Produced by Killjoy Theatre

Fireflies is a dystopian sci-fi drama set in the conflict zone between the traditional and the futuristic. Amika, a mixed-race Japanese non-binary youth, escapes a fertility centre in Japan to avoid execution for being “mixed-blood”. They are forced to leave behind their mother, Yui, a notorious Japanese rebel who gave birth to Amika in hiding after violating mandatory entry into the national fertility program. Amika encounters Suzuki in the forest, a youth who fled his military training camp after questioning its nationalist curriculum. Realizing they have more similarities than differences, they become unlikely allies, working together to free Yui.

Dates & Times:
May 25: 6:00pm
May 29: 7:30pm
June 1: 7:30pm

Location: The Greenhouse Studio, 1885 Venables St.

Single Regular: $22
Single Low Income: $15
Artist Ticket***: $12
Youth Ticket****: $12
(all prices include service charge and GST)


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