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Dancers of Damelahamid (Vancouver)

May 25 – 29, 2016

Historic Theatre

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Flicker is an innovative dance piece by the Dancers of Damelahamid that combines west coast graphic design with a unique sceno-graphic hybrid of projected environments and live-action shadow dance. Vividly rich imagery represents the ‘spirit world’, the mystical realm portrayed through coastal masked dance. Just as light shimmers, Flicker represents the moments through which one can cross space and time, as the masked dancers journey in and out of the ‘spirit world’ of their ancestors.

A flicker is a woodpecker from the Northwest Coast and carries cultural significance in coastal art forms. The Flicker, as embodied in the main character in this piece, represents our duality. This dichotomy illustrates how we access our true self, one’s self without limitations, or our potential. Therefore, it is through the cloak of the flicker that one can cross space and time. The journey is a learning process by which one acquires the ability to attain their ancestral gifts and strengthens their capacity to create change.

The integration of multi-media technology in Flicker bridges artistic practices to work with new and innovative mediums, while adamantly maintaining the integrity of Dancers of Damelahamid’s artistic legacy. It is through continual and diligent practice that Indigenous dance endures as non-static and relevant to current innovation, influence, and insights. Flicker bridges the artistic practices of different Indigenous forms, including coastal dance, powwow, and contemporary Indigenous dance. Through the intersection of these artistic practices, Flicker explores the diversity of Indigenous dance and reflects the complexity of contemporary Indigenous identities.

The draw: Just as light shimmers, Flicker represents the moments through which one can cross space and time

Show Dates and Times:
May 25, 8 PM: Opening
May 26 – 28: 8 PM
May 29: 2 PM

Post-show talkback: May 26

Running Time: 70 minutes, no intermission


Artistic Director, Choreographer: Margaret Grenier
Technical Director: Andrew Grenier
Multi-Media Production, Lighting Design: Andy Moro
Coastal Design, Set and Regalia: Andrew Grenier
Regalia and Costume Design: Rebecca Baker
Graphic Design: Shaun Kingerlee
Composer: Andrew Grenier
Sound Designer and Some Music: Ted Hamilton
Gitxsan Translations and Narration: Elder Betsy Lomax
Dramaturge: Charles Koroneho
Performers: Rebecca Baker, Margaret Grenier, Nigel Grenier, Raven Grenier, Jeanette Kotowich

Flicker is commissioned by The Cultch, co-produced by the Canada Dance Festival, and supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, BC Arts Council, and the Vancouver Foundation.


What People are Saying

REALLY looking forward to Flicker!!!!!...

REALLY looking forward to Flicker!!!!!

-- Lee

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