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Fuchsia Future

As part of rEvolver Festival 2018

Culture Lab

May 24 @9:15pm, May 26 @7:15pm, May 27 @1:30pm & June 02 @9:30pm, & June 03 @6pm

(Elysse Cheadle, Vancouver)

Fuchsia Future is a surrealist musical about a family in the wake of a great tragedy. It is loosely based on the life and work of renowned population geneticist George Price, who is known for boiling down altruistic behavior into a neat little probabilistic equation, before losing his mind in an effort to disprove his own findings. Fuchsia Future follows his fictional family after George’s suicide; relentless nihilist and avid bread fan Ma Price struggles to rediscover her new self without her husband, while voyeuristic son Paul Price concocts suspicions about his father’s death that involve their elderly neighbour: Mr.Frown.
Key info: 
Surrealist Musical/ 2-person show



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