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Geologic Formations

As part of rEvolver Festival 2018

Jim Green House Studio

May 23, 24 & 25 @8pm, May 26 @2pm & May 27 @7:30pm

The words fascia and fascism share an etymological root, the Latin word, fasces, which means, “bundle.”

A bold melding of immersive multidisciplinary performance, intimate personal narrative, and theory, Geologic Formations explores the present-unseen: the way socio-political events haunt the individual and collective body.

Curious about her experience of the present-unseen – invisible chronic illness, and the invisibilized intergenerational impacts of war, attempted genocide and displacement – mia susan amir, with collaborators, creates an interactive experience that crosses and collapses time and geography; to talk to ghosts; to decode what shapes our perceptions; to face the limits and possibilities of empathy.

Historically inspired, Geologic Formations is a response to the contemporary rise of fascism.

Geologic Formations has been developed with the generous support of the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity’s 2018 Playwrights Lab.

Key info: 
Experiemental/sound-scape/minimal text/deals with chronic illness/audience guided through space

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