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Hannah Epperson

Presented by The Cultch and Soft Cedar

March 24, 2018  |  York Theatre [map link]

York Theatre

With special guest Sam Tudor

Hannah Epperson has been travelling and touring Europe extensively for the past two years, playing over 100 concerts and festivals in that time. With her violin, loop pedal and voice, Hannah has the capacity to get lost in the design of her own worlds without ever leaving her audience behind.

Hannah’s albums are not conceptualized as a mere succession of individual songs. Her records contain two distinct versions of each piece – one minimalist orchestral, the other crystal clear experimental pop. Upsweep, which was released in October 2016, is the first album of this cycle. Slowdown, the eagerly awaited second album, has its official Vancouver release with this concert.

Assigning a genre to Hannah’s work is a difficult task. Conceptually, Hannah Epperson can certainly be called an avant-garde pop artist. Considering her artistic engagement with political images and issues, Epperson joins ranks with the feminist pop giants of our time. She exposes gender inequalities, class divisions, environmental injustices and other social ills and mocks superficial notions of femininity.

Born in Salt Lake City, raised in Vancouver – Hannah Epperson is a true traveler between worlds, both in an artistic and in a biographical sense. So it comes as no surprise that she calls the eclectic, exuberant melting pot New York City her home now. Hannah draws her inspiration from her travels as well as from frequent collaborations with other artists across a wide range of vocations from all over the world. All of these impressions and inspirations come together to form her very unique and refreshing repertoire.


Mar 24, 8PM

Running time:
90 minutes

Presenting work on all three of The Cultch’s stages, Soft Cedar provides an opportunity for local musicians to produce unforgettable concert experiences for their audiences. In 2018, Soft Cedar will also present Khari Wendell McClelland (Feb 2), Holy Hum (Apr 21), Lightning Dust (June 2), and others to be announced soon. The inaugural season of Soft Cedar is supported by Creative BC through the BC Music Fund.


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