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I Am Not a Girl

Culture Lab

June 21st @8pm (Preview), June 22 @8pm (Opening), June 23rd, 25th, 26th @8pm, June 24th @1pm

I Am Not A Girl is the story of Erica, born into a large family in the 1970’s who questions who she is, including her gender. The journey of  self-discovery takes her through a world of drugs, lesbian encounters, failed relationships, and finally the revelation that Erica can transition to become fully male, and with this promise and the incredible loving support of her Mother, Erica faces the gauntlet of the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual challenges of becoming Eric.


Preview Night: $15

Regular Nights: $20

  1. The show runs approximately 2 hours with an intermission.
  2. Sexual content and graphic depictions of phalloplasty.
  3. “Transgender” panel discussion after 1pm show on June 24th ,2018

*This is a rental event and is not eligible for Cultch subscriptions.

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