Light Rapid Transit

MAR 18th–29th, 2020 | Vancity Culture Lab


About the Show

Five hundred thirteen thousand, seven hundred people will take Translink Skytrains today. Nine of those people are inextricably linked by Light Rapid Transit. Through a series of chance encounters, mid-life crises, one sided affections, and random acts of kindness or cruelty, we witness all the ways human beings affect one another and how transit brings us together. Whether we know it or not.

Show Warning

Recommended for 16+
Coarse language, brief depictions of violence, and minor references to drugs/sexual activity.

Venue Location
Vancity Culture Lab
1895 Venables
Show Times
Mar 18–22: 730pm
Mar 25–29: 7:30pm
Accessibility at The Cultch
Ticket Prices
Adults: $20.00
Student: $12.00
Child (Under 3) & Senior: $8.00
Box Office
Phone: 604.251.1363