Matriarchs Uprising

Program 1 (Feb 21) | Program 2 (Feb 22) | Historic Theatre


About the Show

Presented by O. Dela Arts in partnership with the Talking Stick Festival

Matriarchs Uprising brings together Indigenous women who are nurturing the art of contemporary dance so that it may be appreciated by audiences from all backgrounds. Curated and co-produced by Olivia C. Davies, Artistic Director of O.Dela Arts, the performances are accompanied by artist talks and workshops to provide audiences deeper insight into the creative impulses guiding the creators. This exciting program is themed around identity and includes interdisciplinary performances by Indigenous choreographers from Australia, Canada, and New Zealand including Aria Evans, Mariaa Randall with Henrietta Baird, and Louise Potiki Bryant with celebrated Indigenous sculptor, Paerau Corneal.

Program 1 (Feb 21)    Same But Different

DubaiKungkaMiyalk brings together Mariaa Randall and Henrietta Baird, two contemporary choreographers who tell stories through dance. Each woman has created a work that draws on their individual dance practice. While both artists’ style of moving may be different, the women are unified by their common desire to move. Baird’s Protocols is a solo investigating cultural protocols; questioning when to follow cultural law and when to break it in order to keep culture alive. Randall’s I’Dentity dissects the boundaries of identity and questions who gets to draw the line. Same but Different places the women and their work side by side to challenge any notion that all Indigenous dance is the same.

Show Warnings

No latecomers
No photos allowed in the theatre


Program 2 (Feb 22)    Kiri and Link

KIRI is an interdisciplinary performance combining dance, sculpture and video by choreographer and video artist, Louise Potiki Bryant, and clay artist Paerau Corneal with a hypnotic sound score by composer, Paddy Free. KIRI explores the integrity of clay in a pre-ceramic state and acknowledges the creation of Hine-ahu-one, the first woman created from earth in our Māori creation traditions. KIRI means ‘skin’ and clay is activated in contact with the dancer’s skin which in turn animates the dancer. KIRI is a conversation between a dancer and a sculptor redefining our mutual knowledge of skin and clay, movement and form and concepts of geology/ whakapapa (genealogy), the sacred and the mundane.

Link is a warrior dance, choreographed and performed by Aria Evans, about the blockades we come across in life, focusing on the idea of forging ahead and asking the question; “What is my generation fighting for or against?”

Show Warnings

Contains haze/fog
No photos allowed in the theatre

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Venue Location
Historic Theatre
1895 Venables St.
Post-Show Artist Talkbacks
Each evening includes post-show artist talk-back.
Show Times
Feb 21: 7:30 PM (No Latecomers)
Feb 22: 7:30 PM
Accessibility at The Cultch
Ticket Prices
Adult:  $26.25 + service charge
Elder/ Senior 55+: $15.75 + service charge
Student:  $15.75 + service charge
Children (6-11):  $10.50 + service charge
Children (under 6):  free
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