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Music Creates Opportunity

Bboyizm (Ottawa/Gatineau)

Oct 21 – 26, 2014 

Historic Theatre

Eligible for 14/15 Cultch subscription packages.

Oct 21-25: 8PM
Oct 26: 2PM
Lively post-show talkback: Oct 22

Running time: 60 minutes, no intermission

Music Creates Opportunity

Music Creates Opportunity

The hugely popular IZM exploded onto The Cultch stage in 2012, and now choreographer Crazy Smooth returns with a new hybrid of rocking and b-boying! Brilliantly transitioning hip-hop and breakdancing from the street to the stage, Bboyizm will thrill audiences with their virtuosic moves and high-flying energy.

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[…] Choreographer Crazy Smooth and company ...

[…] Choreographer Crazy Smooth and company Bboyizm return to the Cultch October 21 to 26 with a new hybrid of rocking and b-boying in the new work Music Creates Opportunity. Brilliantly transitioning hip-hop and breakdancing from the street to the stage, this new creation explores themes of personal expression through authentic street dance while pushing the boundaries of this increasingly popular art form. Music Creates Opportunity features traditional street dances including rocking, b-boying, house dancing and pantsula- a street dance from Soweto, South Africa. While creating past works the company took partnering workshops with Sylvain Lafortune in order to explore different ways to use the street dance vocabulary, and in turn enhance their b-boy foundation. Working on partnering and contact improvisation awakened a curiosity in Crazy Smooth about how street dancers express themselves in relationship to the music, whereas in “contact improvisation” dancers express themselves through a relationship with other moving bodies. The contrast between these two styles is the essence of the new creation and introduces “Rhythmic Contact” into the vocabulary of street dance. At the Cultch, 8pm, October 26 2pm. Tix […]

-- The Friday Round Up | BlogHouse
I had the good fortune to see Music Creates Opport...

I had the good fortune to see Music Creates Opportunity at the East Vancouver Cultural Centre on October 25. The performance by these creative and highly energetic artists exceeded all my expectations! I don’t have words to express my appreciation for such devotion to art. The 4 men and 3 women dancers kept us transfixed. There was drama, humour and passion. The choreography was outstanding, blending hip hop, break dancing and a myriad of contemporary dance caressed by shadows and light with great choice of music that truly rocked. Try to chat with the performers after the show as we did. They bring their creativity to the stage enhanced by diverse personal cultural experiences.

-- Jürgen Dankwort
I've been dancing and singing along with music and...

I’ve been dancing and singing along with music and music was my safety net when as a child I was abused broken lost but music has always made me feel alive I had something beautiful too connect with and today music dance is when I’m free empowering and always is my staircase to Heaven I don’t read music notes I move to the rthym of the beat mostly drums

-- Heather Ford

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