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My Friend Andrea

presented by Raïna Von Waldenburg

November 24 – 29, 2015

Culture Lab


Culture Lab

Performed in conjunction with Tracks presented by Michael Bean. Buy tickets to Tracks as well as My Friend Andrea and save $5.00!

My Friend Andrea is a bold and powerful work inspired by the real life story of Andrea Yates, the Texas housewife who drowned her five children in the bath in 2001. My Friend Andrea is risky and honest and will challenge how people think about those in our society considered “monsters”. The play is a frank look at motherhood and shows the audience the human within the monster–by understanding the circumstances that drove Andrea makes us realize that we all have the potential to be monsters. My Friend Andrea is one-third of the solo triptych that earned Raïna von Waldenburg both the 2012 Innovative Theatre Award nomination for “Outstanding Solo Performance” and the 2014 Persephone Award in New York for “Innovative Teaching and Performance”.

“What sets this apart from other solo shows is von Waldenburg’s supreme skills as a performer. Slim, kinetic and impressively flexible both physically and emotionally, she’s able to channel disparate characters with conviction. She’s also bizarrely charming…”
-Time Out New York!

“The effectiveness of von Waldenburg’s performance is that she is never far removed from the stories she recounts. It’s hard to tell where she ends and the character begins, because she is always a part of the tale… she leaves the audience changed…”


Ticket Price: $15.00

2-Show Package (Tracks & My Friend Andrea): $25.00

**2-for-1 Tuesday November 24th!

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