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Bush Theatre (UK) and Nassim Soleimanpour

May 07 – 19, 2019 | Historic Theatre [map]

Historic Theatre

Show Warning: Strong Language

Scotsman Fringe First Award Winner 2017

From Iranian playwright Nassim Soleimanpour comes an audacious new theatrical experiment. Each night a different performer joins the playwright on stage, while the script waits unseen in a sealed box…Touchingly autobiographical yet powerfully universal, it is a striking theatrical demonstration of how language can both divide and unite us.

NASSIM follows Soleimanpour’s globally acclaimed White Rabbit, Red Rabbit.



NASSIM is unexpected and absolutely brilliant! …The experimental and experiential nature of the performance is profound.”—Maira Hassan, The Vancouver Arts Review

NASSIM an extraordinary love letter to a mother, a mother tongue, and the quiet power of what unites us.”—Andrea Warner, The Georgia Straight

Each of the guest performers comes to the stage with a different sense of home, place and being that can only mean that they could have radically different outcomes in the piece. But no matter what happens the audience is certain to be moved and taken to thinking in different directions than they might normally pursue. NASSIM is a delightfully subversive piece of theatre”—The Vancouver Sun

A genre-busting, semi-autobiographical, demi-improv, multi-media, audience-participation farrago…a cozy little cross-cultural nursery of fundamental human connection that transcends all borders.” — Lincoln Kaye, Vancouver Observer

This show is warm, inviting, fun, challenging, and just a little bit of a tear-jerker. I want to experience it again for the first time, and I want all of my loved ones to see it, too. You’ll be so glad you went!”—Blake Hepburn, Two Cents & Two Pence

NASSIM feels like a poetic love letter; a love letter to the audience, to the performer and at its core, a love letter from Nassim to his mother.”— Katie Gartlan-Close, Vancouver Presents

NASSIM is full of surprises….It’s all tremendously entertaining and eventually rather sad”—Jo Ledingham

That’s something I miss in live theatre: something that is fresh…I like to meet new people, I like reading a new book, and tasting a new food. Encountering new things: that’s the beauty of life. That’s when I met my wife and fell in love, that’s when I met my dog and fell in love, and that’s when I met Berlin and fell in love.” — Nassim Soleimanpour in interview with The Georgia Straight

This is probably the only show you will ever see that is also a lesson in speaking Farsi. Although the real lesson is, of course, in speaking the universal language of humanity”—The Guardian

NASSIM managed to challenge my way of thinking and impacted me deeply in that soft place in my heart where my childhood lives”—New York Theatre Guide

This [type of experimental theatre] allows the actor an opportunity to go back to who they are” — Theresa K. Howell, The Source


Running Time: 60-80 min, no intermission

May 07, 8PM: Opening
May 08–11, 14–18, 8PM
May 12, 19, 2PM

Post-show Artist Talkback: May 08, 12, 14

Guest Performers:
May 07, 8PM; Carmen Aguirre
May 08, 8PM; Adam Grant Warren
May 09, 8PM; Maiko Yamamoto
May 10, 8PM; Marcus Youssef
May 11, 8PM; Craig Erickson
May 12, 2PM; Christine Quintana
May 14, 8PM; Dawn Petten
May 15, 8PM; Pippa Mackie
May 16, 8PM; Quelemia Sparrow
May 17, 8PM; Tetsuro Shigematsu
May 18, 8PM; Conor Wylie
May 19, 2PM; Donna Soares

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