Other Inland Empires

As part of rEvolver Festival 2019

May 22–26 | Historic Theatre

Historic Theatre

(Julie Hammond, Vancouver)

60 Minutes

Written and directed by: Julie Hammond
Performed by: Matthew Ariaratnam, Bana Biltaji, Dominique Hat, Stephanie Wong
Design by: Matthew Ariaratnam, Gillian Hanemayer, Robert Leveroos

A California-born Jew travels to a landlocked country to learn to surf. Dick Dale plays in the backseat of a too hot car. The smell of the beach. Shimmering between here/now, then/there, this place/another place, Other Inland Empires traces the Jewish roots of surf culture from Europe to California and back again. Dreamy pop music, inflatable palm trees, slow dances, and untold family stories mix with playful humour, seagulls, and the one and only Gidget.

Surfing, dentistry, and a family story that can’t be told.

Dates & Times:
May 22: 7:00pm
May 23: 9:30pm
May 25: 7:15pm Talkback

Location: Historic Theatre, 1895 Venables St.

Single Regular: $22
Single Low Income: $15
(all prices include service charge and GST)


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