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rEvolver 2017

Culture Lab

May 28th @ 3pm

Resounding Scream Theatre’s Plunge is a platform allowing artists to pause and share their work at pivotal moments of development, leaving space for reflection, discussion, and re-framing.

Plunge presents works in progress; projects that are in their infancy, that have been put on the back-burner, or are feeling stuck at their current stage. It offers an opportunity for individuals to infuse excitement into their current works. This year, three projects will be selected to present short workshop performances, staged readings or physical compositions of their process thus far. These are not final drafts. Each presentation will be followed by a 15 minute audience talk back facilitated by Resounding Scream Theatre Artistic Director, Stephanie Henderson. There will be time for mingling, networking and hopefully, the conversations around these works will continue.

Tickets: By Donation

*Please note: This is a rental presentation and is not eligible for Cultch subscriptions

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