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The After After Party

After Party Theatre Society (Vancouver) | Winner, Cultchivating the Fringe Award

Mar 6 – 17, 2018 | Vancity Culture Lab [map link]

Culture Lab

May 18th, 2006. Jules and Fiona, best friends and teenage dirtbags, come to their senses in a park after a night for the ages. With little to no memory of how they got there, they discover the antidote to their fireball-induced amnesia: Ritalin. As they piece together the night in order to find out where the After After Party is, they come to terms with the deeds they have done… Absurd. Outrageous. Over-the-top.

“F**king hilarious…will leave you gasping for breath” — The Georgia Straight

This comic team keeps the surprises coming for an hour. Outrageous? You bet. Unique? Uh, yeah. And gobsmackingly skillful” —Colin Thomas, colinthomas.ca

Fearless. Katey Hoffman and Cheyenne Mabberley are comedic goddesses who appear to be afraid of nothing… Forget Saunders and French, meet Hoffman and Mabberley” —Mark Robins, Vancouver Presents

This endlessly quotable two-woman show left audiences face sore from laughing and hearts full” —Erika Thorkelson, The Province

Written and Performed by Katey Hoffman and Cheyenne Mabberley
Directed by Kayvon Khoshkam with Additional Direction by Genevieve Fleming
Dramaturgy by Kayvon Khoshkam
Stage Manager – Sarah Mabberley
Lighting Designer – Sara Smith
Sound Design – Kayvon Khoshkam and Sarah Mabberley
Production Design – Sarah Mabberley

Mar 6, 8PM: Preview
Mar 7, 8PM: Opening Night
Mar 8 – 10, 13 – 17, 8PM
Mar 10 -11, 17 2PM

Running Time:
72 Minutes, no intermission


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