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The Damage is Done – SOLD OUT!

Productive Obsession (Calgary/Vancouver)

Oct 20 – 24, 2015

Historic Theatre


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The Damage is Done: A True Story is a multidisciplinary performance featuring author, thinker, speaker Dr. Gabor Maté, onstage with actor, writer, director and therapist Rita Bozi. The show combines theatre, dialogue, essay, video, music and modern dance into a multi-layered event.

Rita and Gabor, playing themselves, explore cultural history and family dynamics that resulted in their experiences of depression, addiction and thoughts of suicide. The performance reveals how the impact continues to haunt them today. Healing, they find, comes from the ability to look at traumatic events from infancy and early childhood with humour and compassion, and to defuse the emotional charge that first arose in response to those events. Infused throughout the performance are Gabor’s challenging insights as evident in his writing and workshops.

The draw: Renowned author, thinker, and speaker Dr. Gabor Maté performing onstage for the first time with Rita Bozi.

Mature content and coarse language. Recommended for ages 16+.

Venue: Historic Theatre – 1895 Venables Street

Show dates and times:
Oct 20, 8 PM: Opening
Oct 21 – 24: 8 PM
There will be a post-show talkback following each performance of The Damage is Done
Running time: 90 minutes, no intermission

Written & Conceived by: Rita Bozi, with additional insights by Ken Cameron & Gabor Maté
Performed by: Rita Bozi & Gabor Maté
Created and Directed by: Ken Cameron & Rita Bozi
Dramaturgy: Peter Hinton
Production, Lighting & Video Design: Sandi Somers
Production Management: Samantha Hindle
Production Coordinator: Tuled Giovanazzi
Production Advisor: Cameron Clowe
Choreography: Helen Husak & Rita Bozi
Sound Design & Composition: Peter Moller & Richard McDowell
Poster & Flag Design: Peter Moller/Egg Press
Costumes: Rita Bozi
Produced by: Productive Obsession
Music: BB Gabor, Alice Cooper, Jónsi & Alex, The Velvet Underground, Pussy Riot, Richard Strauss, Supertramp, Franz Liszt, Tchaikovsky

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What People are Saying

Will there be videos of this performance available...

Will there be videos of this performance available for sale? I live too far away to attend but would love to see this production somehow.

As a child of a 1956 Hungarian immigrant (an experience) and having lost 2 relatives to domestic violence, the 3rd(perpetrator) to suicide-also Hungarian immigrants/offspring- I feel a strong resonance to matters described in this article.

I’ve been touched by the truth in Gabor Mate’s words since Zeitgeist days. Very happy to see he is participating in such a heartfelt demonstration of trauma, offering his healing presence and more.

After the damage is done, life goes on and we move along as best we are able. This is all too familiar. What is unusual and moves me to give a loud THANK YOU to Rita Bozi, is her courage to share her experiences publicly.

Thank you, both, for collaborating on this project; for exposing the layers so we may all benefit. This work is needed.

-- eve knobloch
    Hi Eve, Unfortunately, there will not be videos ...

    Hi Eve,

    Unfortunately, there will not be videos of this performance for sale. Thank you for the words though. We agree that this is important work that is needed.

    -- The Cultch
The play is intense and will bring up in the audie...

The play is intense and will bring up in the audience the presence of their own pain. The play offers a viable solution to that pain … it is simple and yet at the same time extremely difficult because of our need to justify and judge our behaviour as acceptable given how we believe we have been treated. The solution is simple … it is to feel the pain. Experience it. Know that the pain will not, cannot, kill us. Once we free of our need to judge, compassion has space in us and we can experience the pain and let it go.

Everyone needs to see this play.

-- Rosemary Prinz

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