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The Explanation

the frank theatre company (Vancouver)

Apr 17 – 29, 2018 | Vancity Culture Lab [map link]

Culture Lab

Please note that strobe lights are used during this performance.

No latecomers permitted.

Every Saturday morning, John dresses up as a woman and takes transit out of cozy Burnaby to go to the Central Library in downtown Vancouver. He’s straight. He frequents the literature DVD shelves. That’s where he bumped into Dick. Who’s also straight. Dick thinks John’s a woman… I think. And now they’ve started to rendezvous there every Saturday morning. What on earth is going on? Whatever it is, they both have a lot of explaining to do.

The draw: James Fagan Tait’s chamber play – punctuated by Noam Gagnon’s choreographed movement – is a playful exploration of the fluidity of gender and sexual identity.

A Georgia Straight Spring Arts Preview 2018 Theatre Critics’ Pick!
See the article, here

The Explanation is simply one of the sweetest, tenderest pieces of theatre you’ll see. It’s honest and candid and funny and true”
—Jo Ledingham, joledingham.ca

The Explanation is an unpretentious and intimate journey of two men rediscovering themselves with the help of some tights, a wig, and a miniskirt. Try this play on, you might find that it fits”
—Connal McNamara, Vancouver Weekly

The Explanation is a funny, tender play”
Alex Waterhouse-Hayward

Under Tait’s direction, Kevin MacDonald and Evan Frayne are warmly natural as they navigate the inevitable vulnerabilities of their ever-changing, impossible-to-explain relationship” — Kathleen Oliver, The Georgia Straight

By loosening the restrictions on gender expression, The Explanation made me feel free—even exhilarated” —Colin Thomas, colinthomas.ca


Kevin MacDonald
Evan Frayne

Playwright/Director: James Fagan Tait
Associate Director: Fay Nass
Composer/Sound Designer: James Coomber
Stage Manager: Susan Miyagishima
Choreographer: Noam Gagnon
Lighting and Set Designer: Bryan Kenney
Costume Designer: Carmen Alatorre
Production Manager/Technical Director: Jeff Harrison

Apr 17, 8PM: Preview
Apr 18, 8PM: Opening Night
Apr 19 – 21, 24 – 28, 8PM
Apr 21 – 22, 28 – 29, 2PM

Running Time:
80 Minutes, no intermission

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