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rEvolver Festival 2017

Historic Theatre

May 25th @ 9:15pm, May 26th @ 7pm, May 27th @9:15pm, May 28th @ 2pm

Visually gorgeous, full of wit and humour, anarchy and magic, Tombstone is an all ages cardboard puppet show filmed and projected live on to the big screen, and is Ramshackle Theatre’s follow up to the 2013 rEvolver hit Sci-Fi Double Feature.

With all of the puppets and set constructed from cardboard, hot glue and magnets, Tombstone mashes the genres of science fiction and westerns and blends the worlds of puppetry and film. With the puppeteers visible the audience is able to peek behind the curtain of the puppet show and see how the magic is created.

Petal is a lonesome cowgirl working at the western-styled amusement park town of Tombstone. All of the other workers at Tombstone are robot cowboys; carnies made of nuts, bolts and computer chips. Petal dreams of creating her own wild- west entertainment show with a real live cowboy. When Hank and his trusty horse Rusty ride into town Petal seizes the opportunity to use Hank’s cowboy skills but doesn’t count on falling in love with the drifter cowboy. Set against the backdrop of a robot uprising Petal struggles with her own identity when she finds herself in a love triangle with Hank and a robot cowboy.

Part spaghetti western, part Westworld, and all cardboard, Tombstone will be loved by children, hipsters, parents, b-movie buffs, and anyone looking for a rollicking good time.


General: $20.00     General (Low Income): $15.00            Youth: $12.00

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