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Vampires in Barcelona

rEvolver Festival 2017

Jim Green House Studio

May 25th @ 7pm, May 27th @ 9:15pm, May 30th @8pm, June 1st, 2nd & 3rd @ 8pm

The year is 2006. Brian Cochrane is twenty-two years old, backpacking around Europe, and freshly in love. He arrives in Barcelona first thing in the morning after partying all night on a train from Paris. After struggling to find his hostel, sleeping off part of his hangover, and realizing his one year of studying Spanish in University isn’t going to cut it in the Catalan capital, his hopes for a quiet and introspective evening are sidetracked when he meets a heartbroken, quadrilingual magician. The magician’s girlfriend has just left him for his best friend. And she’s also a vampire, apparently… But there’s no such thing, right? Maybe if Brian follows the magician’s recommendation and goes to the vampire bar he’ll get some answers…

Vampires in Barcelona is a true story. Or, as true of a story as “being sent to a vampire bar by a magician you met at a hostel” can be when you’re telling it eleven years after the fact.


General: $20.00     General (Low Income): $15.00

*Please note: This is a rental presentation and is not eligible for Cultch subscriptions

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