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We Are All One Nation

Roma Addition to World Music

Sept. 17, 2019 | 7:00pm

Culture Lab

We Are All One Nation

Lache Cercel presents We Are All One Nation/ Roma addition to World Music

Sept. 17, 2019 | 7:00pm | The Vancity Culture Lab

Maestro Lache Cercel and his guests will take you on a musical journey, demonstrating the phenomenon of cultures colliding. African and European music encountered each other in 19th century America, unfortunately because of slavery. The mixing of these very different approaches to music led to the creation of many new styles including blues, jazz, rock, etc.

This concert will be an eye-opening experience into two very vital, natural and human styles of music, and how to combine them to produce a very personal soulful expression.

General: $37.00 + service charge

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