OCT 24, 2020 | 7:30PM PDT

Little Volcano

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Veda Hille with Theatre Replacement

Created in residencies with Cryptic UK and the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, in collaboration with Siminovitch Prize winners Maiko Yamamoto and James Long of Theatre Replacement.  Premiered with Music on Main at the PuSh Festival January 2020.

Supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, the BC Arts Council, the Hamber Foundation, and the McGrane-Pearson Endowment Fund in honour of Ted Keating.

About Little Volcano

Half concert, half storytelling event, Little Volcano is a new work of autobiography, exploring Vancouver musician and composer Veda Hille’s history through personal stories, the music of JS Bach and a collection of her own songs. Once dubbed ‘The Little Volcano’ in a 1996 Hamburg concert review, Hille has experienced some complicated and unique brushes with love and death over her 30-year career. Little Volcano traces a path to the ecstatic through communion with the natural world, societies of women, medical emergencies and a lifetime of playing piano. 

Little Volcano is created in collaboration with Hille and T/R’s artistic directors, Maiko Yamamoto and James Long. A long time Artistic Associate of the company (East Van Panto, Yu-Fo, Sexual Practices of the Japanese, Empty Orchestra among others), Hille, Long and Yamamoto have been making work together for close to two decades. 

The stage’s backdrop is a copy of a painting by Orra White Hitchcock from the early 19th century: A Sectional View of the Crust of the Earth. These works have been made available by the Archives & Special Collections at Amherst College.  You can see more of her work at the excellent Amherst College Digital Archive.

Thanks to Cathie Boyd, Cory Philley, David Pay, Joyce Rosario, Franco Boni, Jim Smith, Sabine Rouques, Katherine Chan, Gary Cristall, Corbin Murdoch, Chelsea MacDonald, Lili Robinson, Brian Laberge, Geoff Berner, Rosanna and Lucas Hille, Justin Kellam, and Anders Hille Kellam.

Co-creators: Veda Hille, Maiko Yamamoto, and James Long (Theatre Replacement)
Directors: Maiko Yamamoto and James Long
Composers:  Veda Hille and J.S. Bach
Script: Veda Hille, James Long, and Maiko Yamamoto
Lyrics and arrangements: Veda Hille
Field recordings: Kathy Hinde
Studio recordings: David Carswell and John Collins
Technical Director and Production Manager: Andrew Pye
Lighting design: Sophie Tang
Costume: Leah Weinstein
Props: Heidi Wilkinson
Carpenter: Minoru Kofu Yamamoto
Drop: Elia Kirby Productions/GNW Scene Shop
Production Consultant: Jan Hodgson

Technical Director: Cody Biles
Videographer: Cameron Anderson
Sound Recording & Editing: Kyra Soko
Lighting Operator: Kaden O’Reilly
Livestream Sound Mixing: Chris Engleman

Produced by Veda Hille and Eponymous 
Represented by Jim Smith at Eponymous

To view the songlist for Little Volcano or to buy the album of the show, please visit Veda’s site here.