Motherload Opening Night Photos and Reviews

Motherload made its world premiere last week to great acclaim! This witty, clever, and touching show focuses on the challenges of mothering in the twenty-first century. Audiences and critics are laughing, crying, and sharing the joys and pains of motherhood.

Here are some of the critic and audience reviews:

“Motherload is an intimate gift” – Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

“This social media generation are able to do something that the similarly themed Mom’s The Word was not able to do 15 years ago, as we not only hear the stories but we also get to see the pictures and videos that will make you either squeal with laughter or sigh in recognition” – David C Jones, Vancouver Presents

“Personal photos and videos combined with raw emotion, and unfiltered truth will leave you feeling connected … I laughed (a lot), I cried, and I saw a lot of myself as a mother reflected throughout the show” – Urbanbaby & Toddler Magazine

“Funny, incredibly moving… raw and honest” – yoyomama

“Hey! YOU! Vancouver! Go get your Mom & take her to see Motherload at The Cultch. It’s funny, smart, brave & you’ll cry like a g’damn infant” – Chelah Horsdal @Chelahorsdal

“The writing, the acting (which couldn’t have been easy!), the audiovisuals, the directing – all fantastic! Funny and moving, sad and uplifting. There’s an honesty and a rawness in the autobiographical stories that reveal so much of the complex and contradictory and painful and joyful facets of parenting!” – Jackie

Don’t miss your chance to see this brilliant and touching new production!

Here are some photos from our opening night reception on. All photos were taken by volunteer photographer, Edward Juo.


Enjoying the post-show reception


Emelia Symington Fedy chatting with some guests


Juno Rinaldi spotting the camera


Star Moms Jody-Kay Marklew & Juno Rinaldi


Star Moms Sonja Bennet & Emelia Symington Fedy

Motherload runs until February 21 at the Historic Theatre. Tickets start from $19 and are available on our website or by calling the box office at 604-251-1363.

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