Jim Green House Studio

Jim Green House Studio
1885 Venables Street Vancouver, BC V5L 2H6 [Map Link]

The Jim Green House Studio is back! Providing emerging artists, local musicians, and up-and-coming businesses a space to create and develop, the Jim Green House Studio is perfect for auditions, rehearsals, read-throughs or classes; it comes equipped with tables, chairs, and a small kitchen. The Jim Green House Studio is a two minute walk from one of Vancouver’s liveliest streets; Commercial Drive, and is a perfect spot for post, pre, or midst-creation food and drink.


Hourly Daily Weekly
$14 $100 $500



If you wish to rent the Jim Green House Studio, please contact The Cultch’s Rental and Sales Manager, Audrey MacDonald, either by email at rentals@thecultch.com or by phone at 604.251.1766 ext. 107.