Sean McCann in Concert!

Sean McCann in Concert!

Alongside our season opener of Helen & Edgar, we have an intimate one-night-only acoustic performance by Séan McCann.

Séan McCann, acclaimed singer-songwriter, JUNO Award nominee, and Bell Let’s Talk ambassador takes his personal stories and songs on a “Great Big”Recovery Tour this fall, with 24 dates hitting Ontario and Western Canada. McCann’s show is an autobiography set to music of one of Canada’s most successful musicians who found redemption through his love of songs. Since leaving renowned East Coast band Great Big Sea, McCann has released two solo records – Help Your Self and the You Know I Love You Songbook – that reveal his pain, truth, and optimism about the future.

McCann shot to international fame as a founding member of the renowned Newfoundland group Great Big Sea. After millions of albums sold, countless hit songs, and record-breaking tours around the world, McCann realized music had become something he was hiding behind. Produced by acclaimed artist/producer Joel Plaskett, Help Your Self helped him deal with his issues of addiction and abuse, showing him there is strength in pain. His journey to find his own peace, love, and happiness continues through his new music. His second solo work, the You Know I Love You Songbook is cheerful in tone and lyrics, and sung by an artist intent on sharing his joy directly with his audience. McCann has also found himself using music as therapy, working with people who face physical, mental, and addiction challenges, and has become a sought after speaker trying to help others find light during difficult times. As a completely solo artist – no label, no manager, no booking agent – he controls every aspect of his career as well as his destiny…and that’s the way he likes it.

The Cultch is just a stop in a huge cross Canada tour, and as he doesn’t come out West often we’re very excited to have him here!

McCann`s tour plan for this year

McCann`s tour plan for this year

“Singing together in intimate venues lifts our hearts and that’s the feeling I want to

bring to each of my shows,” says McCann. “Music is powerful medicine and if not

for the intervention of my guitar (old brown) through hard times, I would not be

here today. I’ve learned that we are All worthy of LOVE and together we are

never alone, especially when music is involved.”

Come and get a taste of the East Coast and the power of music has to bring love and change into our hearts on September 29th!

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